The Out of Office Girl by Nicola Doherty

synopsis: From London ….

Alice Roberts is having a rubbish summer.

She’s terrified of her boss, her career is stalling, and she’s just been dumped – by text message. But things are about to change …

to Italy

When her boss Olivia is taken ill, Alice is sent on the work trip of a lifetime: to a villa in Sicily, to edit the autobiography of Hollywood bad boy Luther Carson. But it’s not all yachts, nightclubs and Camparis. Luther’s arrogant agent Sam wants him to ditch the book. Luther himself is gorgeous, charming and impossible to read. There only seems to be one way to get his attention, and it definitely involves mixing business with pleasure. Alice is out of the office, and into deep trouble …

… with love

Review: I was not sure what to expect when I started this novel, but after reading some pretty cool reviews, I was curious to see how it would be. And I must say that it is a pleasant romance.

Alice is an assistant editor who will be found by the merest chance hired as an editor to help to write an autobiography. A test that could change her career forever. But when she learns that in addition that the person she must help is none other than Luther Carson, the star actor she loves, she can only be eager to undertake this new task. And who knows, perhaps there will something more between them? But once there in Italy, nothing is as easy as she thought. Luther is far from being determined to write this book, but only dreams of partying and going out wherever he wants. Brian, the writer doesn’t really have his mind on work because of personal problems and the Luther’s agent, Sam, is doing everything prevent her to do her work, thinking that this book will only damage the image of his client. However, against them all, Alice will have to show her determination to prove that this work is important and especially to avoid getting fired. But trying to do that she may fall for one of the men during that trip.

I loved Alice. She knows that some of her choices have serious consequences and yet when she knows that it is better, she does not hesitate to act, even if it is not easy for her. Everyone seems to be against her project and she knows she must do something before this would ruin her career forever. Yet when she finally manages to begin her project, she probably did not expect to find so many new things about this star she thought she knew, and who yet had a very difficult life. I admit that I was quite surprised by Luther, he is quite carefree, but many revelations appear throughout the book. He needs to tell his story to someone and at the same time, it will take a lot of courage to do so. I was also immediately intrigued by Sam. He is a very mysterious man who seems to have very much to heart the needs of his client. Still, I struggled initially to understand why he was so against the project. We do not understand everything he wants, and it’s pretty sad to see that he and Alice eventually sometimes draw hasty conclusions.

I also enjoyed seeing who Alice would choose and what would happen. We can attend some happy moments, others a little less, but everything always interesting.

All this to say that it was a very enjoyable read and it is true that I was eager to finish the novel to find out what would happen, to find that with whom our heroine was going to end, whether she would succeed in keeping her work and finishing her book. It was a nice story even if we sometimes want to shake the characters so that they realize what is happening and I think I’ll keep an eye out for future books from the author.



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  1. This sounds like a pretty goo contemp! Alice is the kind of characters I really like to be rooting for, too, intelligent and determined. Also this sounds like a stand-allone? If so that’s pretty refreshing in and of itself! Great review, muffin!

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