Far Shore by Traci L. Slatton

After Trilogy, Book 3

Synopsis: An old enemy wreaks new havoc at the end of the world…

After the mists’ lethal apocalypse, mankind’s only hope for survival lies broken and battered, the prisoner of a ruthless sociopath who will stop at nothing to hurt him. Emma sets out to rescue him. She faces an ultimatum and must relinquish everything she holds dear. As Arthur teeters on the brink of life and death, Emma’s healing ability fails. Her own despair tests her, and she must grow stronger than she ever dreamt possible as she confronts the truth of her own heart.

In a time of apocalyptic despair, love is put to the test…

A mystical odyssey, a haunting love…

Review: I loved the first two volumes and I was impatient to discover the third. I thought it would be the last one, but is it really? That we finally would have the last word of the story but I was surprised to see that this was not the case. But I wonder if the author is preparing a fourth book or if finally the book ends on such an open end. But back to the beginning.

We find Emma once again, she is actually living with her children and her husband after saving him. Yet she still dreams of Arthur and it’s more and more difficult for her companion to bear it. He loves her but they also both know that the limit is almost here. So when her friends come back to ask her for help to save a pregnant friend, Emma doesn’t need more to leave … If only she didn’t have the unbearable ultimatum from her husband who told her that if she leaves, it won’t be necessary to come back, either for him or her daughters. It’s really terrible for her, but she can not abandon her friends and she therefore shares a heavy pound in her heart for this new adventure. But this is not all and soon Emma also learns that by leaving the Alexei’s camp, Arthur stayed behind, being tortured during all this time. It’s really sad to see all the things our heroine has to go through. She just wanted a normal life with her family, but nothing is ever simple. Love, revenge, and her thoughts are always on her way, whatever she does.

We have many events in this novel. We discover Emma full of doubts, trying to keep hope in all circumstances and yet it remains very difficult. By saving Arthur, she didn’t expect a broken and destroyed man. I’ve always had some fairly complex feelings towards Alexei throughout the novels. We come to appreciate him, then hate him and our feelings are constantly changing towards him… It’s the same in this book and I admit that I really struggled to decide about his fate. Despite his hatred for Arthur, we know that he really appreciates Emma, in his own way even if a little twisted. But each character will evolve, and understand many great revelations, which will also change their future.

I found that this novel was really eventful. We come to discover the weaknesses of this mom we continue to discover in these novels and it is true that we can only understand her loneliness, sadness and desires. Everything is always so hard for her… It was in any case once again a very good story that I enjoyed to discover. Everything is easy to read and it’s always fascinating to learn a little more about this new world. By cons as I said the end leaves me a bit puzzled if it ends up like that and if there are no other novels thereafter.



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