The Kitchen Witch by Annette Blair

Accidental Witch Trilogy, Book 1

Synopsis: Do you believe in magic?


With a flip of her raven black hair, a flash of her topaz eyes, and a shake of a stick, rumored witch Melody Seabright has cast a spell on single dad Logan Kilgarven. What else can explain what’s happening to him? Logan, a television producer, can’t seem to concentrate on anything since he met his enchanting new neighbor….


When Logan agrees to help Melody find a job at his TV station, he never expects the culinary-challenged siren to land her own cooking show. Her charisma keeps things bubbling on the set, and behind the scenes, things are starting to steam up between them. Logan knows he can’t resist her charms — but is there more to their attraction than the here and now? If only he had a crystal ball to show him….

Review: This is the first book from Annette Blair that I read and I would like to thank Aurian who made me discover one of her books. I confess that I had a little trouble for progressing in the story and it took me a while to finish it. I could not really say why it’s the case because the story is really sweet. But it’s true that there is not much action and it is finaly a simple and light story.

Melody is a young woman seeking for her place in the world, and for that, she leads a life quite unstable compared to others, constantly looking for a new job. A father and his son are living under her apartment, it’s a man disillusioned by life but who unconditionally loves his son. He also has an incomprehensible fear for witches and our young woman is suspected of being one (which complicates things). But when he urgently needs for a babysitter, he turns to her. Of course, she is far from what he had imagined. Of course, because she is a hauntingly beautiful woman who is determined to do what she wants. In exchange for this care, she manages to get a job in a cooking show, as the lead actress. Problem? She does not know how to cook.

It was a really nice story, we quickly understand that this job is very important for Melody even if she is not very good at it. She will, however, do her best, assisted by Logan, her sexy neighbor. A nice story will start between them, but each will doubt about their relationship and have many questions. I must say that Logan is looking for a woman who could become the mother of his child and although Mel and the boy get along perfectly, she is far from stable model he wants for him. Thus begins a series of missed time, interruptions and funny events.

I enjoyed these two characters, they are very similar even if they do not realize it. Everyone seems to understand that fact except them. Their life is full of ups and downs and it’s quite fun to see how they deal with it all. They make good choices as bad ones but even if we would like to shake them so they react, we can also understand the reasons behind that. It was a nice first novel and I think I will try to read something else from this author soon.



24 thoughts on “The Kitchen Witch by Annette Blair

  1. Hi Melliane, glad you tried this one. I really enjoy this series, yes it is light and fun, nothing more. I like Annette’s writing style and sense of humor, and a cook on a cooking show who cannot cook at all is so much fun and unexpected.

  2. Sometimes light is a good thing, but I do tend to get bored with too much romance. I’m glad it was sweet though. I think I’d like a bit more witchyness. I like the he hates witches and she might be one thing though.

  3. This sounds so much fun! I truly like the cover, the blurb is intriguing and I love your review, Melliane. I think I could really enjoy this book *notes down the title*, thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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