Yin yang by Frédérique de Keyser

Les Luxurieux, Book 1

Synopsis (personal translation) : Luxuria… Lust… Lustful…

This sounds like a variation. Or a mantra, sensual and voluptuous, which could appeal to recite. We bet that Luxuria’s regulars prefer surrender to sensuality rather than discourse.

This is undoubtedly intended to Axir, powerful demon with a sulphurous reputation. Reputation based or carefully maintained? Naalys, angel and subject of courtship by the devil, will soon discover the truth.

Review: The first thing I must say is that Frédérique de Keyser is the French author I prefer. I love her style, her way to make us feel things by manipulating the words as she knows to do it so well. I like when the French language is so well and wisely used.

I have read and loved the Luxuria saga with 3 novellas and 5 short stories. The short stories talk of the characters from Luxuria, but they may well be read independently, and are grouped under the name Les Luxurieux (The Luxurious). Did I say that Frédérique develops her talent while writing paranormal romance? And erotic! Very erotic 🙂 While I was reading Ying yang, I was already in a trance even before any sexual act took place! This is the power of words, and Frédérique de Keyser’s talent!

Ying yang is a short story devoted to Axir, a demon, and Naalis, an angel. However, they are not angels and demons with the usual religious connotations, but it is more clearly explained in the preamble of the short story.

Axir is therefore an elegant demon, refined and sexy (very!). He is often seen in the Luxuria club with two Adonis and has a sulphurous reputation. Naalis is an angel of the Annanaels’ caste, which are inherently less interested in physical contact. She resists for a while the advances of Axir but realizes she reacts to his presence and attention. To win her heart, Axir will first have to gain her trust.

It is the perfect short story to discover Frederique de Keyser if you do not already know her. It’s a good introduction into her particular paranormal world that I love!

See you soon for my opinion on the 4 other short stories 🙂




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