Buried by Lynda La Plante

DC Jack War, Book 1

Synopsis: DC Jack Warr and his girlfriend Maggie have just moved to London to start a new life together. Though charming, Jack can’t seem to find his place in the world – until he’s drawn into an investigation that turns his life upside down.

In the aftermath of a fire at an isolated cottage, a badly charred body is discovered, along with the burnt remains of millions of stolen, untraceable bank notes.

Jack’s search leads him deep into a murky criminal underworld – a world he finds himself surprisingly good at navigating. But as the line of the law becomes blurred, how far will Jack go to find the answers – and what will it cost him?

Review: I didn’t know the author getting into this novel, but the synopsis immediately intrigued me.

Jack is on a complex case. Really complex. A body is found charred in a house, surrounded by leashes of burnt banknotes. How strange! He soon finds a clue: the case is linked to an old robbery, one that has never been solved. Our hero is determined to get to the bottom of it, especially as he learns that his biological father, whom he doesn’t know about, may have something to do with it. Wanting to learn more about him and the case, Jack throws himself into it, while dealing with his adoptive father’s terminal cancer.

This was a rather enjoyable novel, even if I did find it a little long-winded. I was very curious to find out the truth and I have to say that, in the end, it made a lot of sense. The ending was also well-crafted and I’m glad the author decided to go in that direction.

It was a pretty nice first volume. Let’s see what happens next.