Person of Interest by Emery Harper

A Celeste Eagan Mystery, Book 1

Synopsis: Just last week, I was a regular single mom and drama teacher at Peytonville Prep with a semi-normal life. The only real drama I had to deal with involved my football-coach ex and his hussy girlfriend. And maybe deciding if I should take that full-time principal/actress job at the local playhouse.

Everything changed when I discovered my boss hanging in his office. The suicide turned out to be a murder and my ex went suspiciously MIA. I tried to find some answers, but all that got me was labeled a person of interest by the attractively uptight Detective Shaw Muldoon. Not exactly the way I was hoping to interest him, if you know what I mean.

Now my life is plenty exciting, if you count a stint in jail, several attempted break-ins, more dead bodies and the odd exploding car. Did I mention I also have my own personal stalker? It’s becoming pretty clear that if I don’t unmask the killer soon, my life won’t ever be boring again…it will be over.

Review: I did not know about the novel or the author before getting into Person of Interest. I have always liked novels of this type even though it is true that I do not read so many of them because the basic story is quite common. Still, it’s always nice to have a light story.

Celeste lives with her daughter Paige who alternates between her and her ex-husband, with whom she still works as a theater teacher. But then one morning she arrives at her workplace and finds the headmaster dead … It is at this moment that the problems begin … Indeed, it seems that she soon finds herself as one of the suspects of the murder. To try to clear her name, she will do everything to find out what really happened, especially since it seems her life is now in danger!

I had a good time with this story and it’s true that I was curious to find out who the murderer was! It’s a bit crazy but for sure, I didn’t expect all the events. In addition to this incredible investigation, our heroine will also have to face Shawn, the sexy officer, who seems to blow the hot and cold without her understanding what he really wants. Then we have Kellen, the journalist … In short several possibilities. One suspects that it will be complicated to have something real for her relationships as it is often the case in this kind of novels, but in any case, I am curious to see what will happen later.

It was a nice and light novel, perfect for those who appreciate the genre!