Reject Me by Kel Carpenter & Aurelia Jane

Immortal Vices and Virtues, Book 1

Synopsis: “Markus Del Reyes, I reject you.”
He left me no choice.

I refuse to spend the rest of my life with my childhood bully for a mate. I may be a cursed shifter, incapable of shifting—but I wasn’t desperate.

Not till the Alpha Supreme cast me out of the House of Fire and Fluorite for rejecting his son.

Now I’m packless.
No longer under the protection of my House.

Until the dark vampire king of Blood and Beryl turns his sights on me.

In return for protection from my former House, I have to join his.
But nothing ever comes for free.

He wants something from me, and it’s not my allegiance.

It’s the only way I can survive, but at what cost?

I’ve lost everything for doing what I know is right, but the greatest danger I ever faced was never losing my life … it was opening my cursed heart.

Review: I was curious to discover this novel by Kel Carpenter. It’s a series of stand-alone volumes. The funny thing is that each volume seems written by a different author. However, the second volume is about one of Dannika’s sisters, who is the main character in this novel.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the novel, but it is indeed a rather classic paranormal romance. So of course, romance is very present in the story.

Dannika is trying to live unnoticed in her pack. It’s not easy… and even less so when she finds herself the mate of the alpha’s son. The guy who harassed and tortured her all her childhood, so of course she rejects him. But he doesn’t do anything about it. Forced to flee her father, who is determined to eliminate her, she takes refuge among the vampire clan, whose king offers her a strange deal to protect her: she plays the role of his mate. But when fiction and feelings mix, it’s not easy.

It was a nice novel, even if I perhaps expected a little more.