After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, Spread My Wings, and Flew Away by Joyce Carol Oates

Synopsis: Jenna Abbott separates her life into two categories: before the wreck and after the wreck. Before the wreck, she was leading a normal life with her mom in suburban New York. After the wreck, she is alone, desperate to forget what happened that day on the bridge.

Then Jenna meets Crow, and her life is once again turned upside down. He begins to break down the wall that Jenna has built around her emotions. But can she bring herself to face the memories she’s tried so hard to erase?

Review: I didn’t know about this novel but I was curious to be able to immerse myself in the story. It is not an easy subject, but I find that the author has done a rather admirable job with her story.

We discover Jenna, a young girl who has suffered a terrible accident, an accident that has changed her life completely. Her mother is dead. Is it her fault? Did she imagine the animal on the road? Did she touch the steering wheel? How can she be alive? Why is she alive? These are questions that our young heroine will ask herself throughout the story. But the most important thing is how to live without your mother? How can you live when you think no one should love you?

As I said, it is not a simple story, it is a story of acceptance, destruction and evolution and we are witnessing Jenna’s choices, although some are quite difficult. We understand with her that the road will be long and full of obstacles.

This is an intense and touching story that the author proposes to us.