Fallen by Traci L. Slatton

After Trilogy, Book 1

Synopsis: When the world ends, all that is left is love….

As chaos descends on a crippled Earth, survivors are tormented by strange psychic gifts. In this time of apocalyptic despair, love is put to the test. One woman with mysterious healing power guides seven children to safety. Charismatic Arthur offers her a haven. Slowly Emma falls for him. But at the moment of their sweetest love, his devastating secret is revealed, and they are lost to each other. Will Emma stay with him?
The first in a romantic trilogy set during the end times.

Review: I admit that I started the novel without too many ideas in mind. I did not know anything about the series but the cover immediately attracted me. I was a bit scared that the whole story would be a little too cliché with the end of the world, but it wasn’t the case at all and found a dystopian world more than interesting. Then it must be said that a novel set in France always really intrigues me .

Emma and her daughter were traveling in France when the mist came, something that can make someone crazy and kill everyone with whom they come into contact. However, mother and daughter have survived in this new world become so difficult. Besides, Emma has adopted during her progress some children she is trying to protect as much as she can. This little group is heterogeneous but in addition to this, since this Apocalypse, people have developed skills unusual and completely varying from one person to another. But when she meets Arthur, she knows she can’t continue like that and to advance and to save her children she is ready for anything, and if becoming the lover of this man can help, then there is not even a question to ask. She does not just expected to fall gradually in love with this man so different from the others. Yet the fact that her husband and her other daughter are in Canada is still in her mind. From there, her whole world will change, like Arthur’s and together they will create a hope of salvation for all.

I loved Emma. She is a very brave young woman who does not hesitate to speak her mind despite the consequences. She decides from the outset to develop the camp and to change the habits of Arthur. I must say I was quite surprised to see how he bent to her demands. Gradually a very sweet relationship is created between them and I loved seeing this trend. Of course, Arthur is not aware of the past of our heroine and that makes her sometimes quite uncomfortable. Emma is struggling to accept her feelings throughout the story and tries to avoid them. But there is more and we quickly understand the Arthur’s secret with all his talks, but it takes a lot more time to our dear mother to accept the truth. Arthur knows what he wants and is determined to have no obstacles when his choice is decided. It was a very interesting to experience all the many facets of this character.

I enjoyed this new world with all its dangers and I admit that I was totally swept away by the Traci L. Slatton’s ideas. I am also more than curious to read more and find out the adventures of our dear Emma and her nice daughter.



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  1. I’ve only read of her books, The Love of my (other) life and enjoyed it. I usually don’t like sci-fi but that worked probably because of the heavy romance element.

    I’m to feature her books next week, after your review I think I’ll give this one a try. She might surprise me yet again.

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