Braving Fate by Linsey Hall

The Mythean Arcana, Book 1

Synopsis: As chaos looms, a warrior queen is reborn
Bookish academic Diana Laughton has been having terrible dreams. Dreams of battle, dreams of blood… dreams so vivid she’s living them day and night. When demons invade her quiet life, she wonders if she’s going mad. Or if perhaps she’s remembering a past life she had no idea existed…

In the midst of betrayal, he must protect her
Mythean Guardian Cadan Trinovante loved and betrayed Britain’s warrior queen Boudica two millennia ago. Now he’s tasked with protecting mortals whose lives affect the fate of humanity. His latest assignment is Boudica herself, reincarnated as a woman with no idea of her past or her fated future. Though in the irresistible form of Diana Laughton, it’s possible Cadan has once again met his match…

To succumb to seduction could prove fatal
Thrown together in a shadowy world that exists alongside our own, Diana and Cadan must fight not only the demonic forces that want Diana dead, but a past and a passion that have lasted centuries. Their desire could be deadly. But as evil from the underworld unites against them, their only hope could be each other.

Review: In the novel Braving Fate, we get back to the identical pattern we can find in some fantasy series: different heroes every volume, pretty young ladies in distress and very handsome warriors prepared to save them whatever happens. To that plot you can add love, actions and obviously passionate (or not) scenes of sex.

Some series deal well with that kind of pattern and succeed to stick out from all PNR novels. Some others repeat exactly the same pattern and their storyline are expected. Unfortunately, this first volume of the Mythean Arcana series fits in the last category.

The author develops a fascinating mythological universe. I’ve always been interested in theses worlds of myths and legends. And in this series, the author got the brilliant idea to combine all beliefs to propose various Heaven and Hell according to all convictions. She adds a complex organisation which is working to hide the existence of paranormal to humans.

Diana is a normal historian in the University of Maine and her life seems to be pretty normal. She has recollections of her past life through strange, deeply touching nightmares. But one day, everything swings. The attack of a monster and the strange apparition of a tattoo on her wrist bring her to Edinburgh to look for clues which can answer to her numerous questions. She will meet Cadan, a warrior, and it is just like she already knew him before. She is actually Boudica’s reincarnation, a Scottish warrior and queen. Diana will have to discover by her own who she was in her past life and find out why she is reincarnate.

She looks like lots of heroines: she is a nice, innocent lady, a lost girl in this new world and she tries to fit in this strange, fantastic universe. Diana is a brave and valiant woman, she’s always ready to quit her comfort zone to inquire to help her friends and to get the answers she’s looking for. Thanks to her past life she has facilities for fighting and she is a quick-learner during Cadan’s lessons.

Cadan is a mythean warrior working in the Praesidium which is the protection division of the Mortal University. He knew Boudica and deeply loved her. He was hurt by her suicide and by the loss of his entirely family during the 60 AD.

Our two heroes are typically the character’s stereotypes of that kind of series. Their evolution is predictable and as a result it is absolutely boring and annoying. It is like they do what we expect them to do. We know that when their relation begins to be serious something is going to happen to break this out. Then they will have a serious argument and everything will be fine, just like that.

We also have the point of view of three others characters: Vivienne, Esha and Warren.

Vivienne Lawrence, Diana’s only friend, is an Egyptology archaeologist. Vivienne is more endearing than Diana and I am quite sure she will keep us a lot of surprises.

Esha is a strange, interesting woman, she is my favourite character. She is a Soulceress, it means that she drains her immortal power from other Mythean’s souls. Because of her powers she was used to being set-aside. She is pretty badass and she does everything she wants to do. She is an independent woman who doesn’t count on anyone.

I really liked finding the glossary at the beginning of the book so that we learn the information to understand the world the author will offer to us before starting reading the book. It may be just a detail for some of you but when the author lets the glossary at the end and doesn’t explain at all the specific nouns so that we have to go all the time to the end to understand the word, it really annoys me.

The author develops a well elaborate and fascinating storyline and there are many things I liked. But the author’s characters don’t support her story and in a way it wastes the whole thing. I found this book too long and it sometimes struggles.

Before reading this book, I went on goodreads to read viewer’s comments and they are excellent. Maybe my expectations were too high and maybe it is why I am disappointed about it. So I’m not really convinced by this series, but I am sure it will find its readers thanks to its fantastic universe.




19 thoughts on “Braving Fate by Linsey Hall

  1. Great review. I think that’s why in general I shy away from PNR, unless a book comes highly recommended to me by bloggers/reviewers/friends I trust. The whole adherence to and repetition of a pattern is what turns me off – and to be fair, it’s not just the PNR genre. It feels like after you’ve read a few books, you’ve read them all and there’s only so much of the same thing you can take.

  2. I use GoodReads to vet my books before I add them to my to-read shelf as well, and it really blows whenever you end up feeling like a black sheep because you’re like the ONLY person who didn’t like a particular novel. Hopefully you’ll give the 2nd installment a chance because you just never know.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  3. I know how hard it can be writing a review for a book you didn’t love but everyone else seems to. I think you did fabulous and I am so sorry you didn’t’ like this. Hopefully your next book will be better!

  4. I am a fan of this kinds of set-up too, makes every volume interesting and usually it can be read as stand-alone. I love how the authors get creative with their creatures and the world they inhabit. Lovely cover art!

  5. Whilst some aspects of this book certainly appeal to me others don’t and I’m afraid I’m put off by the cover (I know never judge a book bi its cover) so I can’t see it making my wish list any time soon. Great review though, thank you.

  6. Well, I’m very curious about the premise now that I know it invloves Boudica and reincarnation. I don’t mind the sound of the romance if the worldbuilding adds to it. Hmmm, sorry this one ended up a bit of a disappointment for you. Thanks for sharing why and the thoughtful review : )

  7. I have this one to read, but I set it aside after the first chapter. I’ll go back to it, but it was weird how she went from zero to sixty so quickly. It kind of threw me off.

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