Witch Upon a Star by Jennifer Harlow

A Midnight Magic Mystery, Book 3

Synopsis: He’s come for me. My savior, my heart, and ultimately, my devil.

As a child, Anna Olmstead is rescued from her life of poverty and drugs by a vampire named Asher. Over the years, she grows to love Asher, first as a father and later as a lover. But soon trouble interrupts her once-perfect life. While Anna wants to settle down, Asher wants a more voyeuristic, party-driven lifestyle.

When Anna leaves him, Asher does everything he can to bring her back to him–including murder. Even as she finally escapes and starts a new life with a special agent of the F.R.E.A.K.S., Asher makes a new move to kidnap Anna and her children. This time, she may not be able to escape him.

Review: Ah this novel… there is a lot to say about it. When I started reading it and when I saw the turn of the history, I admit that I was not sure to continue it. I was uncomfortable, and it’s true that I could hardly see how it would turn out but I’ll talk about that again later. In fact, this novel is the third book in a series that can be read independently. No, there really is no problem to start with any of these novels. But while the first two were giving the same kind of stories with a good light plot, this one tackles very sensitive issues. Yes it is finally a very dark novel, something to which I was not expecting. Have you seen this cover? The story doesn’t match it at all.

Although the summary gives us an idea of the novel, I admit that we can not really expect such a story. I’m not saying it’s not good, not at all! It took me a long time at the end of the story to know how to rate this third volume. You know, everything is fabulously well done and the story is very interesting, but everything is very difficult to read as well. We follow a young girl from the age of 9 years old. This is a little girl who was sold by her father in many ways, whether her body, or even her witch capabilities. She lives like that until a vampire, Asher, enters her life. I think that as this little girl has not really had a real childhood, everything became blurred in regard of her feelings. The summary talks about a father-daughter relationship between them that evolves during the story … I have to say there is no real relationship as it’s said initially. No, from the beginning we feel a little unhealthy relationship between them that is increasing along the chapters. There can be no real actions, but it does not change the state of mind of the girl who at 11 years has consistently succumbed to the charms of the vampire. Everything is very destabilizing I must say. I think it would have been better if the character was older but here it’s really too much. It may be personal, but it was quite difficult, I couldn’t understand that a girl of that age could have such thoughts. It was also hard to see that a man so old, a vampire, did not try to limit it all quickly and frankly.

We follow the story of a passionate and toxic love that begins very early in the life of a young girl who is willing to do anything for the man she loves. She wants to give him everything, her body, her soul, her spirit. He is also her life and her whole existence from the beginning. She would never have thought of leaving him, besides she is even willing to do anything for him. Yet whatever she thinks, life is not always what it is and our young Anna will have to face reality. Yes, because although she has given everything to this man, he could not return the favor. But wanting to leave does not mean that she can really do that, because he would never let slip her innocence and intense love.

So no it is not an easy story. Very delicate themes are used here, pedophilia, rape, drugs, toxic love. Although we feel that the whole is very unhealthy, we struggled to put the book down. We try to understand Anna, we wish her to understand the reality and we see her evolve, we see her realize what she has become. It was fascinating to see the young woman she became despite all that, to see the life she was able to create and we realize that she is willing to do anything to protect that. The ending is also very touching and I also admit that I did not really expect that.

It’s a tough story, difficult, sad, passionate. This is not something easy to read, but it’s something very interesting nonetheless. A story that is not expected at all.




23 thoughts on “Witch Upon a Star by Jennifer Harlow

  1. You did it again, Melliane! This is another of those wonderfully complex books you seem to hit me over the head with every other day! I’m going to read it and let you know what I think. I think it will make an interesting, if difficult read. Have a great Sunday!

  2. I can tell that they developed a very disturbing and unhealthy relationship from your review. This makes me feel uncomfortable as well, and oddly, curious. I think I’m interested enough to read this one. Do you think I’ll be fine reading this without reading the preceding books?

  3. You got me intrigued, Melliane. This book does sound complex, but also darkly fascinating . . . I don’t mind that kind of reads, and I’m glad you gave it a go.
    Great review!

  4. I can see what you mean by not expecting the story, or having a hard time describing it. I can’t really tell the intended audience, sometimes it seems like it’s intended for YA, other times New Adult. Seems like a mix, but the cover also makes it look like it’s geared towards younger readers, even. But regardless, it does sound pretty awesome.

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