In the Spinster’s Bed by Sally MacKenzie

Spinster House, Book 0.5

Synopsis: At Spinster House, a woman can enjoy the spoils of single life—or find the love of a lifetime…

It has been twenty years since Lord William Wattles laid eyes on Annabelle Frost. Still, he remembers everything—her ethereal beauty, her bookish intelligence, her surprisingly modern attitudes about love…and lust. But Belle’s allegedly wanton behavior led her father to send her away to save the family’s reputation. Now she resides at Spinster House in the village of Loves Bridge, where an unmarried lady can live—and in Belle’s case, support herself as a librarian—in peace…

Beautiful, passionate Belle—sworn off marriage? William can’t believe the woman he once knew could end up like this. But when the hands of fate bring him to Loves Bridge, his long-lost love might just end up back in his arms. Is their unwavering desire worth the sweeping scandal that is sure to follow them both? Absolutely.

Review: I looked forward to this new Sally MacKenzie’s series. Indeed, I always have a great time with all her stories and I was curious to see what she would present us this time. This new addition allows us to have a glimpse of what awaits us in the future for this series.

We discover Belle, a young woman who was able to rebuild her life after being thrown into the street by her father when she was younger. With luck, she managed to find a job enabling her to continue her life as a single person without being dishonored in any way whatsoever. Thus she becomes the new librarian in Loves Bridge, as soon as she keeps her spinsterhood label. And, to leave her past completely behind her, the young woman even decides to change her name. Yet, her life will change completely when an old acquaintance comes to town, a man for whom her heart beat and for whom he it always beats. Unfortunately the latter is married, what can happen then?

I enjoyed discovering this introduction even if finally everything happens too fast and I struggled to hang on everything. The romance between the two is very fast too and it is true that they are not very careful about what others think of them. But really, I think the only problem is the speed of the narrative, as it fails to really embrace this resurgent relationship. But overall it’s still a nice story to follow and I admit that I am curious to read the first novel now.



29 thoughts on “In the Spinster’s Bed by Sally MacKenzie

  1. Alas not a book that appeals to me and your review has done nothing to convince me otherwise. A shame that it all sounded so rushed. On the rare occasion I do read a ‘romance’ I like the plot to be slow burning rather than rushed like this.

  2. It’s too bad the romance is so rushed Melliane! I love the premise of this one, I’m always a sucker for a relationship where one has had a longtime crush on the other. I’m curious to see how things work out here given he’s married in a time period where divorce wasn’t all that common.

  3. So this is the start of a series, any idea if they are stand alone? or are there other characters introduced to see their happily ever after? I haven’t read this author before. 🙂

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