Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell

Synopsis: Traveler, Cleric, Witch.

The villagers in the sleepy hamlet of Lychford are divided. A supermarket wants to build a major branch on their border. Some welcome the employment opportunities, while some object to the modernization of the local environment.

Judith Mawson (local crank) knows the truth — that Lychford lies on the boundary between two worlds, and that the destruction of the border will open wide the gateways to malevolent beings beyond imagination.

But if she is to have her voice heard, she’s going to need the assistance of some unlikely allies…

Review: I was quite curious about the novel by reading the summary. It must be said that the reference to the witches was quite attractive, especially when the story is short enough to read it quickly.

When I started the first chapter, I was quickly swept away by the book but it is true that past 1/3 of the story, I began to detach myself to the events and to the characters. I think that I was expecting something a little bit different than what the author presents here. I do not say that the novel is not good because it was not the case, but I think that I missed something or my mood was not there for this kind of reading.

After this, we follow the choice of the people for and against the implementation of a supermarket in town and causing conflicting emotions for each inhabitant. It was interesting to see what everyone wanted while participating in discussions about it.

An interesting book but maybe not for me.




30 thoughts on “Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell

  1. A shame that you found yourself detached from not only the events but also the characters. I can empathise with you on this as I too have just reviewed a book which I found fell flat a third or so of the way through.

  2. Quite a few people I’ve talked to have had troubles getting into this one too. I’ll keep it in my to read list of novellas from Tor, since I’m curious to read more Paul Cornell, but I will probably hit up some of the other ones first.

  3. This one sounded interesting to me too. That’s sad that it went downhill for you after the first third. I hate it when a book starts out good, but loses momentum. I know what you mean, sometimes what I think is going to happen in a book would have been much better than what does happen.

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