Thinning the Herd by Adrian Phoenix

Synopsis: Someone is picking off fortune tellers and hippies in Oregon, snatching them out of their Birkenstocks mid-stride. And when the legend himself, Hal Rupert, Animal Control Officer, gets a whiff of the mystery, he knows he’s the man to solve it. In between proudly wrangling out-of-control cats and dogs, he’s noticed a peculiar uptick in another sort of animal…werewolves.

Hal infiltrates the country fair to investigate the disappearance of the flower children. But his real priority is protecting the love of his life, Desdemona Cohen, whose long purple tresses and black-glossed lips captured his heart the moment he first saw her standing behind the register at Hot Topic. Desdemona may have nicknamed Hal “Creep,” but he’s determined to win her heart. And, you know, save everyone else, too.

Review: It’s been a long time since I had not read a novel by Adrian Phoenix but I liked many of her series a few years ago (besides I need to continue them…), so I was curious to discover this first new novel. But I think that in the end I expected maybe a little too much and the novel was not necessarily what I wanted. It must be said that this first volume is unique and completely atypical compared to what we usually can find.

Our hero, or rather anti-hero, Hal, is a character that is not recognized or only in very specific circles. This is an animal control officer but he also keeps the peace between the border between humans and supernatural creatures (although he is not well known for this). His girlfriend (although he is the only one aware of that fact) Desdemona is a young woman that we like to see the interactions with. If she says he is a stalker, a monster or threat of gutting him, it’s not because she does not like him, they are just affectionate and doing cute names. It was pretty funny to see that he does not realize at all that he is completely different from the person he believes he is. And it’s true that their meetings are quite impressive to see when you realize that Hal interprets everything and anything in his favor. Yes, because of his ego issues, it must be said that he is quite bloated and he considers himself as a hero or a human legend and does not hesitate to tell it to everyone.

But a new terrible problem appears and he is determined to understand what is happening. Indeed, many disappearances occur and hippies, as well as fortune tellers, volatilize without a trace and Hal wants to understand the end of the story. Yet the history will be complicated when he is the victim of a plot intended to kill him or when his friends are found themselves in danger and that Desdemona is also in this situation.

It was a nice book but I admit that I did not necessarily adhered to the story as much as I thought … however it was a pleasant and different discovery and I wonder what the author will present thereafter.




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  1. I have never read or heard of this author. Sounds like the story was well done, but I really want a wow book right now as winter is the time I struggle the most with reading slumps.

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