OBSESS MUCH? by Brandi Leigh Hall

Synopsis: Forget everything you know about therapy–and Vampires–as you step inside the neurotic world of this Quirky Urban Fantasy!


As if the eviction of my humanity wasn’t punishment enough, I was forced to go through the after-life battling my unquenchable-vampire-thirst—and unprecedented contracted neuroses—when a bitter patient sentenced me to life in mental torment over a century ago. Can’t say my esteemed colleagues ever received such a gracious gift for their shitty advice. But hey, that’s just my special breed of good luck, I suppose. Go figure!

To make matters worse, the only drug strong enough to calm my compulsive behavior comes at a tepid 98.6°. That is, until the day I almost kill the new girl in town, Sage Bennett. But the second I breathe in her calming scent, time stands still. And those manic thoughts of ending my pain vanish. When I’m near her, I no longer hunger for blood, or perfection. I finally feel human, in ways I never knew when I was alive.

So when Sage turns out to be even nuttier than I am, my desire to help rides shotgun to everything else in my neurotic, immortal world. But what if suicidal tendencies aren’t something I can cure with fifty minutes of therapy—or a pill? And in the end, will I be strong enough to do whatever it takes to save her?


(A modern day Interview With The Vampire meets Monk)

Content Rating: R
Yes, there are a few naughty scenes. But nothing too raunchy. Just be warned our sexy vamp has a bit of a potty mouth.


Review: Vampire and psychiatrist, when Interview With The Vampire meets Monk. I was immediately seduced by the summary of the book and I felt a great potential. Finally a vampire book that comes out of the ordinary!

The construction of the book around mental illness is very interesting. Conor is a psychiatrist who has his own neuroses in addition to being a vampire. The secondary characters are as endearing as the hero.

So far so good 🙂 but I gave a 3/5 rating because of some little things:

First, the humor… Nothing really made me laugh but only smile. I expected a little more fun because of the reference to Monk.

Then the mystery… It did not last long. I guessed everything almost immediately (and yet I never guess in detective books!).

In short, my opinion is mixed, I enjoyed it but not totally, mostly because I had guessed the mystery. If you want to read something different, you can try it, it is a pleasant reading anyway.



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