Forgiven by Carrie Aarons

The Nash Brothers, Book 2

Synopsis: In a split-second, a car crash killed almost everything between them. Ten years later, can one accidental ride fix tattered spirits, uncertain futures, and broken hearts?

Lily Grantham has always done what she’s been told. The daughter of a senator, she grew up as the good girl of Fawn Hill, and carried that torch right on through to adulthood. Her only wild streak? Bowen Nash. She loved that boy since the day they laid eyes on each other, and it nearly ended them both. A decade later, and Lily still can’t move on. Even if Bowen has made it clear he doesn’t love her anymore.

Bowen Nash never wanted the life he’s trapped in. Destined for baseball fame and the love of his high-school sweetheart, that existence vanished in the flip of an old pickup. Now, he’s stuck in the town that produced his worst nightmare. Pretending to hate Lily Grantham guts him day in and day out. But to protect her from the ultimate secret, it’s necessary to break his own heart each time they pass on the street.

They’ve been fighting fate for as long as it’s been chasing them. And now, time is up.

Review: I was really curious to discover Lily’s story after discovering her in Volume 1. We knew that a car accident had separated her from Bowen and that their relationship has been very tense ever since. But here we are, finally learning the truth behind everything and what happened to get there.

Lily doesn’t understand what she did to make Bowen hate her so much. That’s how we’ll follow them both in this story to find out what they think.

We are discovering two broken characters, two characters who cannot overcome what they have experienced together and who know that they are only good when they are together. We learn what separated them and even if it’s very sad, they will try to rebuild their relationship. Yet Bowen has a secret, and he will have to tell her what’s going on at some point.

A second very good novel, and I am very happy to have discovered their story. Now I look forward to the story of Penelope and the other Nash brothers.

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