Destiny’s Path by Anna Jacobs

The Swan River Saga, Book 3

Synopsis: Three Blake sisters remain in the Swan River Colony in 1866 and two are quite happy to forge new lives for themselves there.The third, Xanthe, yearns to see the world. But even if she could afford to travel, could she persuade her beloved twin to let her go? Maia has fallen in love with their employer, and would surely be happiest staying behind with him.Xanthe’s opportunity comes in the form of a handsome Irishman bringing some of the sisters’ inheritance from England. But for Maia, the same man brings trouble in his wake – someone who has the power to make her life a misery.Both sisters’ reserves of courage and endurance will be tested before they can finally find a home to call their own.

Review: I received this novel by surprise and since I didn’t know the series at all, I thought it was a good opportunity to discover it. On the other hand, it’s a volume 3 and you doubt that I hadn’t read the previous novels. I think that’s the reason why I had a little trouble at the beginning to situate everything in relation to the characters, but little by little, I got into the story, even if I think it would have been interesting to read the two previous volumes, especially given the references made in them.

We follow Xanthe and Maia in this novel, twin sisters who live as domestic servants in Australia. It’s not necessarily easy, especially since they are the only ones who keep a house clean, but while Xanthe dreams of exploring the world, or more precisely Greece, Maia is madly in love with her boss, knowing that things can certainly never go any further. But both of them will have to make choices: Maia when her boss’s despicable wife arrives at their house, and Xanthe when she meets Ronan, a friend of their master.

It was a really nice novel and I enjoyed the story of these two young women who are so close physically and yet so different too. They are at turning points in their lives and will have to make choices that will change their destiny. We also meet Pandora and Cassandra and I must admit that I would love to read their stories to understand how they got to where they are today. That said, if you follow the series, I think you’ll be happy to see them again.

I was very surprised by the character of Kathleen, Conn’s wife, the master, who is quite unusual compared to what is usually found in historical romances and if she is terrible, I found this character interesting at the same time.

As you can see, it was a very nice novel to discover.

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  1. I love bookish surprises! This sounds like a good one, and it’s always fun for me reading about sisters, as I asm very close to mine! I need to keep this one In mind, because I need to read a historical fiction novel for Romanceopoly Challenge, and I can tell how much you enjoyed it! Wonderful Review Melliane 🙂

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

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