Newly Wed and Slightly Dead by Danielle Garrett

A Touch of Magic Mysteries, Book 1

Synopsis: Nothing ruins a rehearsal dinner quite like a passive-aggressive toast from the unhappy mother of the groom. Things go from bad to yikes when she’s found reduced to a pile of ashes and couture and the bride is pegged as the one wielding the wooden stake.

When a vampire marries a human, things are bound to get messy…

After years spent working the birthday party and baby shower circuit, Anastasia Winters finally has a corner office and a host of supernatural clients all begging her to plan their special day. But following a brush of bad luck, she finds herself on the brink of losing it all. With an ultimatum from her boss on the table, her next wedding has to be perfect.

When the vampy mother of the groom is found dead, the bride goes on the run, and Anastasia is forced head-first into the murder investigation if she has any chance of getting the wedding back on track and keeping her job.

Unfortunately, this is one wedding crisis that requires more than a strategically placed bobby pin or double-sided sticky tape.

Can there be a fairy tale ending, or will it be Happily Ever Never?

Review: This is an author I hear a lot about and I confess that I was curious to get into one of her books. I don’t really know what to read at the moment and I don’t feel like it, so I have to say that it wasn’t necessarily the best time to get into this story, but I had a good time anyway.

Ana is happy to be a gliding wedding, but the wedding she organizes gets spoiled when the groom’s mother is killed with a stake through the heart. The wedding is put on hold, a sexy detective (really sexy) arrives in town and Ana tries to figure out what’s going on so she can continue with the wedding planning. But everything goes from bad to worse when Alice, the groom’s wife, is accused of murder.

It was a very nice read and I must say that I had a good time with this short novel and I’m quite curious to see what the continuation of the series will give. The novel allows you to spend a good and light moment with an investigation that I was curious to find out the truth about.


8 thoughts on “Newly Wed and Slightly Dead by Danielle Garrett

  1. That’s tough when reading gets to be a struggle, but glad this fun and light one was entertaining for you. I liked this series, but my favorites are the Beechwood Harbor Ghost series that she writes.

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