Light My Fire by Katie MacAlister

Aisling Grey, Book 3

Synopsis: Aisling Grey is juggling being a demon lord, a Guardian, and a wyvern’s mate, even though she’s keeping her distance from said wyvern, Drake, these days. But her presence is still required at a meeting of the green dragons. Since several attempts have been made on her life, Drake is sure to get protective of her. Which might not be a bad thing when war breaks out and all hell breaks loose–literally.

Review: These days, it’s easier for me to read this series, so I started with pleasure Light My Fire, the third volume of Aisling Grey’s adventures.

Our heroine can finally start her training as a Guardian… or so she thought before everything went wrong! Oh yes, because everything is going to be turned upside down here, and I must admit that I was impressed by all the things our heroine has to deal with. Her dog ate the monarch of some strange creatures, they want her to take her place on the council of L’Au-Dela, they want her to take sides in electing the next king of the underworld, and did I mention Drake or the fact that it’s war and it seems everyone wants to kill our Aisling?

It was a very rhythmic novel where a lot of things happen. We finally learn who Rene is, but also what our little demon is exactly. Aisling will have to make choices, many of them quite difficult, but she will always try to do the best she can.

I got carried away by the story and the plot, and I am very curious to read the fourth and last volume now!


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