There’s Something About Molly by Christina Hovland

Synopsis: Molly Princeton hasn’t met the right guy. Yes, she’s a dating coach. But she’s also a single mom with a rocky relationship history. She may be able to help others find love, but she doesn’t really need it in her life. Happiness doesn’t require falling in love. Winning a matchmaker competition however requires being part of a couple. And darn it, she needs to win this one. That’s when she sets her sights on Gavin Frank—the one man she would absolutely never fall in love with.

Gavin is her nemesis, her best friend’s ex, and yeah, okay, he’s sexy as sin. He’s also off limits. But she’s out of other options. Plus Gavin could use a fake relationship to keep his meddling mother from setting up blind dates with every available woman in the Mile High City. There’s no way he’d fall for Molly. None. Nada.

The two quickly learn there’s a thin line between hate and love, and she finds herself tipping onto the wrong side. For the first time, she doesn’t have all the answers. What the heck is she supposed to do next? Lucky for her, Gavin realizes there’s something about Molly he can’t resist…

Review: I like this series by Christina Hovland and after reading the Rachel novel and the April one, I was curious to find out about the Molly and Gavin.

Molly is a dating coach. She’s good at it even though she is single. So when a contest requires her to find a partner, even if he’s not real, she figures Gavin might be perfect for the role. And the best part? They don’t like each other, so there’s no chance of falling in love! But when feelings get involved, everything goes to hell.

The novel was nice, even if it’s the novel I liked the least so far. It’s hard to really like Molly because no matter what Gavin does, she still manages to be mean to him. That aside, I was glad to get into another novel by the author and I’m curious to find out what the next one is!



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