Body Check by Maria Luis

Blades Hockey, Book 4

Synopsis: They call me the Bad*ss of Hockey.
The Beast of the Northeast.
And I’m not just referring to my stick play on the ice.

As Captain for the Boston Blades, I’ve spent years working toward bringing home the Stanley Cup.

But when the owners sell us out to Hollywood, suddenly we’re not just playing for thousands of fans, we’re cracking open our lives on a new reality show, Getting Pucked. They want all the dirty details, and I’d rather take a puck to the gonads than peel back the curtains on my life.

Not when it could take me out of the game for good.

I agree to sign the contract on one condition: they hire New England’s reigning queen of media to call the shots.

Holly Belliveaux Carter.

The woman who drives me to insanity and turns me on with nothing but a quirk of her lips and the sound of her laugh. The only woman I’ve ever loved.

The problem?
She’s my ex-wife.

Review: I had a great time with the first three volumes and wasn’t sure what to expect with this fourth one, but I have to say it’s my favorite! Holly and Carter are great!

Holly and Carter got divorced a year ago. The distance between them had become intolerable, even though the feelings were still there, are still there. But now they are living separate lives. They don’t really see each other anymore, but a show is going to bring them together and force them to think about what they want from each other. People all say that a divorced couple can’t get back together. But what if they are wrong?

I really enjoyed this book, it was very touching to follow them. We understand Holly’s desire to become someone, someone other than Carter’s wife. As for Carter, I don’t want to say too much, but I thought the author’s way of approaching his problem was very well done and it was very interesting to make the reader aware of it.

A very good read, as I said. I highly recommend Maria Luis’ novels!

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