Knocked Up by the Rockstar by Christina Hovland

Mile High Rocked, Book 2

Synopsis: The only thing music publicist Courtney Lincoln dislikes more than knock-off sugary breakfast cereal is Dimefront’s lead singer—Brennan “Bax” Baxter. So when she discovers she’s pregnant following one teeny, tiny, mind-blowing morning with her nemesis, her world tumbles upside down.

Dimefront is on the rocks. Again. Bax is ready to move on. But following the implosion of his engagement, he makes a slip-up that ties him to Courtney as unlikely co-parents. He doesn’t like Courtney. Doesn’t care for how she’s able to see straight through the façade he’s painstakingly curated. But he’s always wanted a family and he’s being offered that chance.

Now the band is mending fences, there’s a baby on the way, and feelings start getting tangled. Maybe Bax isn’t really such a jerk? Perhaps Courtney could be the woman of his dreams? Or, maybe, just maybe, they were right all along…

Review: I really like Christina Hovland’s novels and this new volume was really nice!

Courtney and Brax have known each other since they were kids.  Brax’s best friend is none other than her brother. They hate each other, or so they think. After his fiancée cheated on him, Brax, who is in a well-known band, has to keep a low profile. So he stays a few days with his publicist, Courtney. He didn’t expect Courtney to get pregnant after a one night stand. Many problems in prospect! As our two heroes are forced to cohabitate, they will have to do their best to get along and find a happy medium to become parents.

I had a great time with this second volume. There is a lot of humor, as in the other novels (this novel is a spin off), and we find many characters. I had a hard time letting go of this tome before the end and I even shed a little tear at one point.

A very good read and I can’t wait to dive into the sequel!

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