Diablo Mesa by Preston & Child

Nora Kelly, Book 3

Synopsis: Lucas Tappan, a wealthy and eccentric billionaire and founder of Icarus Space Systems, approaches the Santa Fe Archaeological Institute with an outlandish proposal—to finance a careful, scientific excavation of the Roswell Incident site, where a UFO is alleged to have crashed in 1947. A skeptical Nora Kelly, to her great annoyance, is tasked with the job.

Nora’s excavation immediately uncovers two murder victims buried at the site, faces and hands obliterated with acid to erase their identities. Special Agent Corrie Swanson is assigned to the case. As Nora’s excavation proceeds, uncovering things both bizarre and seemingly inexplicable, Corrie’s homicide investigation throws open a Pandora’s box of espionage and violence, uncovering bloody traces of a powerful force that will stop at nothing to protect its secrets—and that threatens to engulf them all in an unimaginable fate.

Review: The first two volumes of the series were nice and I was quite curious to discover this third novel. I didn’t expect the story to revolve around Area 51 and aliens (yes, because I went into it without reading the summary!).

Nora has just been fired. Why? She refused a project. Her bosses have decided to foist a file on her that could make her the laughing stock of the archaeological society by asking her to do excavations near Area 51. But the billionaire in charge of the research is determined that she should work for him and manages to hire her anyway. Despite her skepticism about aliens, Nora discovers things that could change everything. And that’s not all, because bodies are found buried and one of her team members disappears. So Nora contacts Corrie so she can investigate the case.

I had a great time with this third volume. I was curious to find out who the couple was that was buried or if we would have any evidence of aliens. It was very nice! And that ending? I loved it! I wonder what the sequel will have in store for us!


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