Wytchcraft by Shauna Granger

Matilda Kavanagh, Book 1

Synopsis: Matilda Kavanagh – Witch For Hire. No spell, charm, or potion too difficult.

Supernaturals are out of the closet, living alongside humans in a tenuous relationship. Most are just trying to live life like nothing’s changed, others would use magic for their own gain.

When Mattie creates a charm to help a half-troll catch a fairy, she sets herself up for the worst possible thing: she is now in debt to the fairy court. If she can’t find the fae prince and bring him home alive, it’ll be her head on the chopping block.

Review: I had read, a long time ago, the first two volumes of the series of elementary of the author, and I discovered thanks to my friend Sullivan McPig, that this author also had a series of urban fantasy. Being a fan of the genre, I was eager to immerse myself in this story and I must say that I had a good time!

Mattie is broke, so she accepts all the jobs she’s asked for even though she knows it could end badly. Also when asked for a potion of love or a charm to try to catch a fae, she does not hesitate to do so hoping that the consequences would not be catastrophic. Yet when the Fae Court returns to her and orders her to find the prince who has disappeared, Mattie has no real choice. Especially when his ex is back in town and seems to be connected to the affair.

It was a pretty nice novel that allows us to discover several fantastic creatures while learning more about the characters. I had a lot of fun discovering the heroine and learning more about her! I’m curious to read more now and see if we’ll know more about Owen.

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