Ignition Point by Jami Gray

Arcane Transporter, Book 0.5

Synopsis: When a questionable, but lucrative delivery job takes an unexpected turn, will Rory survive the collision or crash and burn?

Rory Costas, Premier Transporter, has a plan for her future and the first step includes getting out from under her debt to the Arcane Guild. When an anonymous party offers a lucrative side job with shady details and a hefty paycheck, the professional implications of a successful delivery override her personal reservations.

The seemingly simple contract takes a challenging turn when two mercenary mage crews attempt to seize the package and permanently divert Rory’s delivery. When she realizes her package is the ultimate prize in a lethal battle of magical heavyweights, she must choose between salvaging her reputation or her conscience.

With her reputation and life on the line, will Rory survive a hazardous delivery or end up buried under the wreckage?

Review: When I read the first volume of the series, I felt like I was missing something. I understand better now. I strongly recommend you to get into this volume 0.5 before starting the series.

Rory has a new job: transporting a shipment from point A to point B. But it’s a shady job and she doesn’t know exactly what she’ll be doing. But the pay is good and she can pay off her debt and finally be free. When she discovers what’s in her safe, she’s faced with a choice: do the right thing or finish the mission and get the money back.

It’s also in this volume that our heroine meets Zev, this sexy man I can’t wait to find out more about! This little story is a good introduction to the series and I can’t wait to read volume 2 now!

7 thoughts on “Ignition Point by Jami Gray

  1. I’ve read a few first books that had a prequel that really had to be read first to not feel like I was jumping into the middle of something. Glad you got a better understanding and are curious about one of the characters.

  2. Whilst I have been known to jump into books part way through a series and, on occasion to even read them out of sequence, there is something about a ‘nought point’ book that really gets to me … and not in a good way, and especially not when it is a side story. I’m glad that this worked well for you and made sense of what you had previously read though.

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