Defied by Maria Luis

Blood Duet, Book 2

Synospsis: I am both a sinner and a saint, but I bleed vengeance.

For years, I’ve lived in the grey… until her.

Avery Washington didn’t belong in the shadows, but I dragged her into the darkness anyway.

One kiss, and I would stop at nothing to possess her.

One caress, and my need to destroy wavered.

Our attraction was poison and pleasure.

They say the devil recognizes his own, but I never saw Avery coming.

She’s determined to light the matchsticks, and I can’t resist going down in flames…

Review: After the end of the first volume, I could only start right away with this sequel! How could I resist it? The cliffhanger was unbearable and I had to know what was going to happen to Avery and Asher.

We pick it up exactly after the end, but I don’t want to say more so as not to reveal too much. After the last revelation, we discover the consequences of all these events on our characters, we see them face the truth, but worst of all, they have to face their past. And they have been running away from this past for a long time, so it will not be easy. They will also have to make choices, some difficult ones despite their desire for revenge, and perhaps they will be able to free themselves from the chains of their history.

It was a very nice second volume and ending to read. It’s not so much my type of novel, I must admit, because it’s very dark, but I was very curious to discover what the author had in store for us for the end of the story. An interesting and intriguing duology!