Going Down on One Knee by Christina Hovland

Synopsis: Number-crunching Velma Johnson’s perfectly planned life is right on course.

That’s a lie. Sure, she’s got the lucrative job. She’s got the posh apartment. But her sister nabbed Velma’s Mr. Right. There has to be a man out there for Velma. Hopefully, one who’s hunky, wears pressed suits, and has a diversified financial portfolio. He’ll be exactly like, well… her sister’s new fiancé.

Badass biker Brek Montgomery blazes a trail across the country, managing Dimefront, one of the biggest rock bands of his generation. With the band on hiatus, Brek rolls into Denver to pay a quick visit to his family and friends. But when Brek’s sister suddenly gets put on bed rest, she convinces Brek to take over her wedding planning business for the duration of her pregnancy.

Staying in Denver and dealing with bridezillas was not what Brek had in mind when he passed through town, but there is one particular maid-of-honor who might make his stay worthwhile.

Velma finds herself strangely attracted to the man planning her sister’s wedding. Problem is, he ticks none of the boxes on her well-crafted list. Brek is rough around the edges, he cusses, and doesn’t even have a 401(k). But trying something crazy might get her out of the rut of her dating life—so long as she lays down boundaries up front and sticks to her plan…

Review: I did not know about the author but I was curious to discover this novel that seemed really perfect to have a good time and I must say that it really is!

Velma has a perfect plan for her future and all this over 5 years. Besides, she is currently trying to find the man of her life by dating on the internet and then filling an algorithm to see how compatible they are. But her life is turned upside down when she learns that her sister is getting married … with the man whom she had a crush on. But that’s not all, because the best man is in town and he is far from indifferent even if she knows that he does not fit at all in her boxes. Brek has everything of the bad boy: muscular, tattooed, driving a great bike and manager of a big rock band, he knows he is not for relationships. And yet Velma intrigues him and when he is forced to take the place of his sister as a wedding planner, he knows that nothing will be easy. But there is Velma, and he hopes to make her succumb and to ensure that the marriage of her sister and his best friend is not catastrophic.

I had a great time with this novel and I loved to see this great guy take the role of wedding planner who is … really not for him it must be said! And then there is Velma who is a tidy young woman who realizes that she must try to get out of her routine and Brek seems perfect for that!

It was a very nice first volume to discover and I really had a good time with the characters, although it is true that it is not super original. But how to resist Brek? Impossible, we fall easily under his spell! I will have to discover the author other’s novels now!