Heir of Shadows by Kel Carpenter

Daizlei Academy, Book 1

Synopsis: There’s only one rule in the world I come from.
Keep our existence a secret. Period.

The day my sister broke that rule one too many times, I knew there would be consequences. I expected us to be sent to one of those schools for “troubled” kids—and maybe Daizlei Academy was, in a way. But really, it was far more complicated than that.

You see, I thought that world had forgotten me. Forgotten us. For years we were left alone, and one day . . . we weren’t.

It was only when I got there that I remembered the second rule:
Trust no one.

Because in our world? They would kill me if they knew the truth of what I am.

Daizlei Academy is a school for Supernaturals.

And me? I’m so much more.

Review: I enjoyed all the novels I’ve read by Kel Carpenter, so I was curious to discover this new series.

We follow three sisters, and more specifically Selena. She’s not an easy character, because she’s rather detestable, whether with others or with her sisters. She’s different from the others: a dark entity lies dormant inside her, one that she does her best to keep on a tight leash. But it’s not that simple. So when they find themselves with a new family, an aunt who knows about supernaturals because she is one, the three sisters hope they’ve finally found the place for them. And so they are sent to Daizlei Academy, a school for supernaturals. One thing’s for sure, Selena knows she has to hide who she really is.

As the pages turn, we get to know Selena as a girl who doesn’t care about anyone but her sisters, and then only if they go her way. She’s going to try to control her powers, even if it won’t be easy.

It’s very hard to like her character, so haughty and egotistical, but I enjoyed discovering the story of these three sisters and seeing how they evolved. I found it hard to get into the story at first, and I had a bit of trouble with the french translation, but in the end I’m quite curious to read the sequel.