The Fire Opal Mechanism by Fran Wilde

Gemworld, Book 2

Synopsis: Jewels and their lapidaries and have all but passed into myth.

Jorit, broke and branded a thief, just wants to escape the Far Reaches for something better. Ania, a rumpled librarian, is trying to protect her books from the Pressmen, who value knowledge but none of the humanity that generates it.

When they stumble upon a mysterious clock powered by an ancient jewel, they may discover secrets in the past that will change the future forever.

Review: I didn’t know this novel at all, and this being the second volume of a fantasy series, I was a little afraid of being lost. However, I am glad to tell you that no, that was not the case here, and I had a very good time with this short story.

Ania does everything she can to protect the books that are gradually disappearing but it’s not easy… So when she meets Jorit, who came to steal some of her books to sell them in order to escape from all this hell, she didn’t expect to go on an adventure that will take them through time and understand how they came to this!

As I said, I had a good time with this novel and its characters and I must admit that I am quite curious to discover more about this universe. The author has many ideas and we feel that there are still many more to be developed.