Catch Me by Julia Crosswood

SPISe, Book 1

Synopsis: Twenty-year-old Lauren Miller is a devoted sister, a rebellious daughter, and an outgoing student.
Life has made her hard, forced her to create a thick wall around her.
A perfect way to keep everyone at bay while it hides the broken pieces inside.

One party.
One fatal disaster.
And Lauren’s wall threatens to crumble to the ground.
The Mafia is out to get her.
The urge to run has never been stronger.
Only this time, she’s got one huge problem.
He is six feet two inches of handsomeness, has a moody temperament
and an overbearing attitude, and goes by the name Liam Ressler.

The guy is on a mission.
And the fact is, he never fails.

Review: After a romance that I did not manage to finish, I started this novel without knowing what to expect. This is Julia Crosswood’s first novel and I was curious to discover the author’s ideas.

Lauren and her twin sister Kate were inseparable. Until this incident. Until someone shoots Kate and leaves Lauren alone more than ever. Yet without having the time to manage the death of her half, Lauren will find herself propelled into a story that is totally beyond her. She learns that the mafia wants to kill her because of her father that she does not even know but in addition to that, she is kidnapped by a team of bodyguards who is determined to keep her alive in spite of her desire. And he is there, the one who catches her eye and yet he has never spoken to her. But now that he is here, he is determined that she will not take any chances, and he will be there even if she tries to escape. Especially if she tries to escape.

I loved the story and really had a great time with the novel. The author presents a lively and well-paced story and I must say that I had a hard time letting go of it. I was always eager to see what was going to happen and I’m thrilled with the whole thing. The novel is cut between the present and scenes at different times in the past, all following various characters in the story. While it’s difficult to pin down some characters like Vance, I loved discovering them all, be it Lauren, Liam, Matthew and everyone else. How to resist Sarah or Mason? Impossible ! And I admit that I’m really looking forward to discover more, but now it will take a little patience and that is sadder!

In any case I fell in love with Lauren the rebel and Liam with hot blood! They are both great!