Blood Trial by Kelly St. Clare

Supernatural Battle: Vampire Towers, Book 1

Synopsis: The dice are rolled at midnight.

As the twenty-one-year-old heiress to the Le Spyre fortune, my life should consist of strawberry mojitos and golf carts. Right?

But I’m determined to forge my own path.

Desperate to escape the meaningless games of the rich, I flee my family’s estate.

Secret alias—check.
Place to sleep—uh, kind of?

I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but that’s the least of my worries.

My city is a giant board game. The players are supernatural— freakin’ vampires—including an overbearing crown prince whose unwanted attention could spell my demise.

Now, I must play their deadly game, or my grandmother and best friend will pay the ultimate price.

Review: I heard a lot about the author, but I hadn’t read any of her novels. So when I saw the translation of this one in French, I couldn’t resist and I gladly went for it. And I must say that I am delighted! It was a very nice discovery. And it’s a trilogy!

The author introduces us to Basilia, a young woman who has decided to leave her golden cage to discover the world. But the world is not as kind and gentle as she thought and she will have to find a way to earn money very quickly. The job she finally gets at a real estate agency seems perfect, but she never expected her life to be turned upside down. She’s about to discover a whole new world, where vampires coexist with humans. But she will also discover Kyros, a very powerful vampire who pisses her off as much as he attracts her.

This was really a great novel. I had a great time with this story! The author offers a new interpretation of the vampire and I thought it was really nice to have something like that. Basilia is a young woman who is eager to find out what it’s like to live among others, without being a big heiress, but she doesn’t expect it to be this hard. She craves freedom and refuses to be coerced by anyone, least of all Kyros.

I can’t wait to read the second volume and I don’t know if I’ll wait for the translation of volume 2 or if I’ll read it in English, so curious.