DNF: The Ghosts of Larkwood Asylum by Will Hawthorne

Synopsis: Something terrible happened at Larkwood Asylum… They say the ghost of Carlton Hatch still wanders the corridors, searching for his next victim.

I hadn’t heard of Larkwood until my friend, Riley, told me about the place. Abandoned in the late 1950s after a terrible tragedy, the building has remained locked and hidden on the edge of the city. Nobody seemed to know about it… Except for us.

I needed a new article for the newspaper I worked for, and Larkwood seemed perfect. Accompanied by Riley, and my friend, Sophie, we decided to search for Larkwood Asylum and venture inside to find out what really happened there.

We found it… But I could never have imagined the terror that awaited us inside that forgotten building. Something was waiting for us… And it didn’t want us to leave.

Includes an additional story, ‘Entity’, which adds to the backstory of Larkwood Asylum’s villain.

Review: I really like horror and ghost novels, so as I had this one for some time, I started it.

It is a short novel that the author proposes us here and we follow three friends who decide to do research on a former asylum to help our hero writing his article. So they will go where no one ever ventures and they don’t know what they will find.

I don’t know if this was a bad time to start this story, but I have to say that I had trouble hanging on to the story and the characters. If the idea is intriguing, I preferred to give up. But I’m sure others will like it.