Scythe Does Matter by Gina X. Grant

The Reluctant Reaper, Book 2

Synopsis: Kirsty’s afterlife gets even more Hellish in this second installment of The Reluctant Reaper series when her soul-stealing ex-boss targets her beloved aunt. Her only chance to stop him? Becoming a Reaper herself. Fortunately, her hunky new boyfriend, Italian-poet-turned-Reaper Dante Alighieri, is there to help.Still trapped in the bureaucratic inferno known as Hell, Kirsty d’Arc redoubles her efforts to escape back to the Mortal Coil when she learns Conrad is after the soul of her beloved aunt. To save Aunt Carey, Kirsty must enroll at the Reaper Academy and earn a scythe of her own. Studying topics like Exor-scything 101, Riding the Death Cycle, and Reincarnation for Dummies is strange. But then, so are her classmates: a fallen angel, the Death Valley girls, and Kali—the ancient god of death, destruction, and those little earring backs that always go missing.

Now time is running out thanks to a temporal crisis she may have accidentally created. Can she graduate, rescue her aunt, take down Conrad, and save Hell and every other dimension—before the clock stops ticking?

As the saying goes in Hell, “Be careful what you wish for; it just might get you!”

Review: I admit that I had a rather mixed opinion about the first novel and finally my feeling is still the same with this one.

Kirsty has lost her trial and even if it means she can now stay with Dante, the bitterness wins her immediately. Also, she has no choice and can not refuse the formation to become a reaper like her companion as he asked her to do that since the beginning of the story. It will therefore be an obstacle course to get to become the person she wants and thus regain her life. Our young heroine will be able to discover some new people, all more extraordinary than the others. But nothing will happen as planned.

The story is interesting and I am always curious to see how hell really is. We learn a little more with each book, and it’s true that it’s different from what we might imagine. I confess that I did not expect either to have so many trials to become prepared reaper. And I wondered how Kirsty was able to achieve anything. Of course, we also have many discoveries about Conrad, the man who sent her where she is. And I enjoyed all the revelations.

For what is actually the characters, I still have a little trouble to relate to our heroine or even her couple, and finally I stayed a little back from it. I was missing a little something that would have really made me appreciate the book. I think now after two volumes, I’ll wait to see the opinions about the third one before going on to see if it’s still a bit the same.

This is an interesting novel, but perhaps not really a series for me.



8 thoughts on “Scythe Does Matter by Gina X. Grant

  1. I am a little jealous you have already read this, Melliane! I’m sorry you didn’t really like it, though 🙁 I think I will – since I really loved the first one. I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time.

    Great review, it’s not always easy to write something about a book that was just average for us.

    Have a great day!

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