The Botticelli Affair by Traci L. Slatton

Synopsis: Gorgeous, reformed art forger Laila Cambridge misses her father. She’s a grad student in art history and her father disappeared five years ago. She’s blocked writing her dissertation and she’s flat broke. She’s out drinking one night when she meets sexy, mysterious John Bolingbroke, who knows way too much about her. Then he bumps into her as she guides a tour around the Met. He tells her that her father is still alive—but in lethal danger.

Bolingbroke claims to be an art collector. Two weeks ago, he saw Robert Cambridge searching for a legendary lost Botticelli painting. Bolingbroke overheard a plot to pursue Robert, take the painting, and kill him. Bolingbroke knows that Laila has connections in the seedy art underworld; he wants Laila to help him find Robert and the painting. Time is short. The group pursuing Robert has unlimited resources. They have a week at most before the group murders her father.

From New York, through Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, Laila pursues her father, the painting, and her own redemption…

Review: I was quite curious about the story after reading the synopsis. I didn’t know about the author, but the idea of ​​mixing vampire / art was indeed well found, obviously knowing that vampires are so very aware of everything that happened on painting levels.

In this story we follow Laila , a young artist who has decided to stop painting , her talent being only to copy master paintings. She is stuck in her thesis and is struggling to live with the death of her father. So when a man she did not know comes up and tells her that her father is in danger and to save him, he needs her and her relationships to regain a lost painting. With that, our heroine will have to enter into a world she did not know about.

Bolingbroke has always promised to protect the daughter of his friend, but when he meets Laila , he certainly falls under her spell. Yet he knows that it is completely forbidden to him. With him and Laila, we are in a race against the clock to find a missing painting. A painting with a terrible secret and it seems that everyone wants it. It was a good story and I was curious to see the relationship developed between Laila and Bolingbroke. It’s pretty rare to have two the characters who love each other but do not succumb to one another. Indeed, I loved this detail even if it is sometimes a little frustrating it’s true.

It was very interesting to follow this quest. Discovering the depths of artistic professions and thus discovering a little more about the old masters. Of course, you should also wonder how the vampires comes into play in this story? Well, they really want this canvas. Why is that? That was the big question! I admit that I was really intrigued throughout the story to understand why all these people were after the Botticelli, even ready to kill to get it. And I confess that I was surprised at the highest point when I learned the reason at the end of the story. A good novel, although I admit I would have liked to learn more.



6 thoughts on “The Botticelli Affair by Traci L. Slatton

  1. Salut Melliane,
    La couverture attire le regard et intrigue. C’est typiquement le genre de livre qui me donnerait envie de lire la 4e de couv dans un rayon. J’avoue que je synopsis et la manière dont tu décris l’histoire a piqué ma curiosité.
    En plus avec des vampires… ça à l’air m’a donné envie!

  2. I’ve only read one of her books and it was hilarious despite the sci-fi time travelling element which I usually don’t get into. She is a cool writer, very smart in the sense that you can tell she put a lot of thought in her words and stories.

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