Bitten by Treachery by Shawntelle Madison

Hadley Werewolves, Book 2

Synopsis: It’s not like Charly the witch wanted to betray the Hadley werewolves. Or infiltrate the pack. But it’s the only way to save her mother and protect her coven from a dark evil. She’s a witch in wolf’s clothing – until an unfortunate bite forces her to become the one thing she detests the most.

The last time a witch came to Hadley, she almost destroyed Trenton’s pack. He won’t let it happen again, especially now that this lone wolf is feeling so drawn to a certain new new girl in town. Charly is the most intriguing woman he’s ever met, and he wants to know all about her.

The passion between Charly and Trenton shocks them both, but can she trust him with her secret…and her heart? One thing is for certain: she has to tell him the truth soon – before it brings about the end of both Trenton and the innocent citizens of Hadley.

Review: I love the Coveted series by Shawntelle Madison, but it’s true that I did not know anything about this series. So when I saw the second volume, I was curious to see how it would be. Yes, I know, I have not read the first one but I suspected it would tell the story of Emma and Kyle. However, I didn’t have any problems by starting with this one. I must say that the story itself is very fast. Indeed, I was not really expected this kind of format. The story only counts 83 pages, which looks like a novella and yet the novel manages to stay perfectly complete.

Charly is a young woman currently changing. She is a witch on a mission to save her mother and for that her Covent forces her to make the ultimate sacrifice and become a werewolf to manipulate all of her kind. With the duty to cast a spell on the alpha of the pack to get to do what she wants, she quickly discovers that her mission will be more difficult than expected. The fact that the alpha in question is not present is already something. However, Charly will quickly be attracted by a police officer of the city, a man she knows as a dangerous creature and yet she may fall into her own the game, but when her attempts are finally a dismal failure, our wolf will have to face a new murderer and she will have to try to understand the reasons behind all this before everyone finds out who she is and kill her.

I really liked this story. Of course, we can read it very quickly but the relationship between Charly and Trenton is really nice and I found them quite cute together. However, some new problems have also begun here and I’m curious to see what the author has in store for the future. I confess that I did not understand all the intricacies of the story about the reasons opposing wolves, witches and demons but I’m really curious to learn more. But as I said, it’s a nice little story that can be read between two novels with pleasure.



10 thoughts on “Bitten by Treachery by Shawntelle Madison

  1. I don’t often read novellas because they feel so short and incomplete but this one sounds like it’s not like that at all! I’m kind of impressed! I haven’t read this series though but it sounds like a fun one!

  2. Interesting…
    I don’t mind novellas. Except that they end too early. Nice to see that this one was short yet felt complete. I like the sound of the storyline. Seems fun. do enjoy my paranormal romances.

  3. I am always skeptical when it comes to very short novels. They’re a fast read but most often than not, a lot of aspects in the story are greatly sacrificed. It’s either the characters lacked development or the plot is very straightforward, and the likes. It’s good to know that this one managed to deliver even with a very small space. 😀

    Great review, Mel!

  4. I found that this one had too much story for too few pages, and as a result the character development suffered. I really enjoy Shawntelle Madison’s werewolves but I don’t think novellas should make-up a whole series; I need more book! Glad you enjoyed it though Melliane! I guess great minds think alike because I reviewed this one today! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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