The Damsel and the Daggerman by Delilah S. Dawson

Blud, Book 2.5

Synopsis: Bad boy knife-thrower Marco Taresque is the hottest and most dangerous performer in the caravan. He keeps to himself until a pesky female journalist arrives, anxious to interview him about his checkered past—his last assistant disappeared under mysterious and bloody circumstances, earning him the nickname “The Deadly Daggerman.”

Unsinkable journalist and adventurer Jacinda Harville doesn’t take no for an answer, and she’s determined to wear down Marco no matter how threatening—or incredibly desirable—he might appear. He agrees to an interview—but only if she’ll let him strap her to a spinning table and throw knives at her body. How can she say no? And how can she resist him when he leans close for a kiss that strikes her more sharply than any blade? It’s the first time she’s let a man get the better of her, and she’s determined it will be the last…

Just when she thinks she can’t take any more of his games, Jacinda receives a note from Marco saying he’s finally ready to tell her the truth about what happened to his missing assistant. She sets out for an address miles away, but what she finds there turns the tables on everything she thought she knew about the tender lover who wears a smile as sharp as his knives.

As secrets are unraveled and passions take hold, Ginger realizes her hard heart has melted. But will it be too late to save Marco—and herself—from the daggerman’s dangerous past?

Review: I love this series! The ideas of the author are always extraordinary. So when I discovered the release of this new novella I was immediately excited to be able to immerse myself in it and discover a little bit more of this world so intriguing. Of course you can imagine that as each novella, the story is fast enough to read but I’m glad to say that it also has some nice twists.

Jacinda is a young journalist, widow, who decides to write a novel about Criminy’s caravans. But when she meets each person, she discovers a mystery that she is desperate to understand. Indeed, lives and works there, Marco, a man accused of murdering his assistant and she is sure he is innocent and wants to prove it. But why didn’t the young man tell her the truth? Seeking at all costs to understand what happened, but while continuing her quest, she may well be taken in her own game and fall for this man she knows nothing about.

I loved this little story. Marco is really intriguing and I confess that I asked myself more than once the question about what he was running away from. What is certain is that I did not expect such a revelation at the end of the story. This is so stupid I must say when you think about it. The characters are in any case a very nice duo and their interactions are always colorful. I also loved the determination of Jacinda, as well as her fragility suggested several times. This is again a very good story and I look forward to read the next novel.



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  1. Interesting, have not heard of this series before either but it sounds good. I like that the other had you wondering until the very end, always a plus 😀 so is the connection between the two characters.

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