Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler

Jane Austen Addict, Book 1

Synopsis: Sassy, smart and suddenly single Courtney Stone is a typical modern LA girl. That is, until she wakes up one morning in Regency England in the body of Jane Mansfield. At first she thinks she must be dreaming – maybe she’s read all of Jane Austen’s books a few too many times – but as time goes on she finds there is a lot she needs to get to grips with: a new accent, a new body, a wicked new ‘mother’, and most excitingly, a new man in her life: the dashing, dishy Charles Edgeworth.

But is he a Darcy, a Wickham, or merely a confusing distraction? As Courtney trips through the social minefield of life in Jane Austen’s England she wonders: Will she ever get her twenty-first century, west-coast life back – and does she even want to?

Review: I must say I’ve seen some pretty mixed reviews about this book before starting it, and it’s true that it made me a little anxious over the story. But have you seen the French cover? It is so cute! However, after finishing it, I think I can say that I finally really enjoyed it, and although I understand the reviews I read, I thought the story was pretty nice. And I think it’s the reason I finished it in a few hours.

Courtney Stone has just discovered that her boyfriend cheated on her a few days before the wedding and her best friend covered him, something she can not forgive. But when she goes to bed one night, thinking back to this story, something strange will happen and there she wakes up in the body of another person during the Jane Austen’s centuary. And while this is her favorite novel, living here is not so simple. After thinking that it was just a dream, here she is with the life of this young woman forced to find a husband by her mother. As soon as she meets him, she is attracted by Charles Edgeworth. Indeed, she will quickly forge a bond with him, something already present with Jane (her old herself). Yet something is going to raise her doubts, and the sister of the young man does not help that. Creating new relationships while discovering the Jane’s life, Courtney will realize many points that will change her point of view if she succeeds one day to return to her body.

It was a pretty cute story, not very complicated I admit but it was interesting to see how Courtney would adapt to this world, and what she would discover about Charles. In addition it was quite fun to see her talking like no one else in this period. We don’t however have a big storyline either but I think we can have a good time reading it. In addition, the novel made me really wants to discover the other side of the story and see how Jane was going to adapt in this other world. Because this time, she doesn’t know anything unlike Courtney.

A pretty cute story if you want something light.




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