Grim Shadows by Jenn Bennett

Roaring Twenties, Book 2

Synopsis: It’s the Roaring Twenties in foggy San Francisco. Prohibition is on, inhibitions are low, and dark magic is rolling into town…

Archaeologist Lowe Magnusson is packing something everyone wants. The djed amulet, a priceless Egyptian artifact, will fetch Lowe a hefty paycheck from one of San Francisco’s wealthiest. But when the handsome Swede runs into his patron’s uptight daughter, what he once considered easy money becomes maddeningly complicated…

Cursed with deadly spirits as her constant companions, curator Hadley Bacall must keep calm to hold her dangerous specters at bay and prevent them from lashing out at anything—or anyone. Trouble is, Lowe is driving her crazy, but her father needs the artifact he’s transporting. While Hadley can feel the amulet’s power, she can’t fathom the destruction—or the desire—it’s about to stir up.

Review: Since the end of the first volume, I was looking forward to discover this second novel by Jenn Bennett. I always enjoy a story from another time, so you can suspect that Roaring Twenties with all this different culture could only fascinate me.

After discovering Winter in the first book, we have another character here and we discover this time his brother: Lowe. The two are very different but it was very interesting to meet this archaeologist who returns home after some very lucky excavations. Yes because he found an ancient amulet that everyone seems to want at all costs. Problem? He owes a lot of money to an influential man to whom he sold a copy of a piece and he hopes to find a good scheming to get out of that. But nothing is simple when the young daughter of the man to whom he has promised to sell the amulet arrives. His world is going to completely change. And when he is hired to find the pieces of the amulet hidden in the city, teaming up with Hadley, he will soon have to find a solution to his problems before they catch him up.

I enjoyed discovering these two very different characters. Hadley is fully aware that it is difficult for a woman to be taken seriously but she is determined to show that she is capable to do a lot of things. This is a fairly complex character, she can not bear to be touched and seems surrounded by spirits that must be constantly monitored. However it is not easy and whatever she does, she always tries to be the master of the situation. Yet Lowe always seems to thwart her plans and whatever she does, he is always in the middle of the way … I also enjoyed the young man who falls in love gradually with Hadley. He has a lot of problems and never seems able to handle what is happening around him. This is a gifted liar, a forger and a talented magnet to constant problems. Yet in contact with the young woman, he will try to change, but things are tough. Many secrets surround them both, but they will open during the story for our greatest pleasure.

Their investigation was very interesting and it is true that I was curious to see what the reunion of the piece was going to achieve. But that’s not all because we have a pretty romance, and a fascinating curse that allow us to have many revelations throughout the story. I loved the fact that Jenn Bennett did not keep things on certain facts because we finally understand at the same time as the characters what actually happens.

A great new novel that allows us to have a good time and I’m curious to see who will be staged in the next novel. A lovely surprise!



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  1. I’d mainly read it just because it’s set in the 20’s, I loved reading about different era’s, and it’s kind of a fun way to learn (even if it’s not accurate- depending on the research). I love meeting new characters, especially when they’re characters you get to know more and like, or even if you don’t completely like them- you can understand them, and it sounds likes a realistic romance. 🙂

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