Loving Liberty by Belinda Boring

Synopsis: Liberty Montgomery is many things:

A dutiful daughter.

A perfect wife in training.

Easy to manipulate.

But secretly she wants more.

For years, Liberty has dreamed of a life filled with opportunities – a life where she makes the decisions, living by her own rules. Unfortunately, her parents have other plans for her, ones that involve her submission and total obedience. Every attempt to break free from their control is met with threats, leaving her feeling trapped. Just when all seems hopeless, Liberty meets Oliver Nichols. With just two words, be brave, he stirs up her secret longings for more… friendship, fun, and independence. He almost has her believing her dreams are possible. However, taking a stand can be terrifying when you’ve spent your entire life pleasing others.

Are some chances worth taking? What would she risk for freedom?

Review: Wow, I wasn’t expecting this! I thought I would just read a typical New Adult romance, something light and fun to entertain me on summer evenings. But Loving Liberty is so much more than this! I really didn’t expect to be flooded by such strong emotions.

Liberty is a 21-year-old girl who really has the wrong name because she has no freedom at all in her life; her parents decide for everything: her frequentations, her clothes, and even her future husband! While her big sister is satisfied with such a life, Liberty is craving for independence. And when she meets Oliver, this longing grows stronger and stronger, encouraged by the young man’s words. But how can she break free without getting her fingers burnt?

As I said, Loving Liberty is filled with strong emotions. I got hooked from the very first pages on, getting absorbed in the story and in the heroine’s life. I could feel her hopelessness and really felt oppressed, as if it was me who had tyrannical parents who decide on every aspect of my life without paying any attention to my own desires (which is not the case, don’t worry!). My heart was aching for her, I so, so wanted her to break free and gain her freedom!

I think the emotions I felt were as strong as the ones I felt while reading The sea of tranquility by Katja Millay, which is by far the best New Adult romance I have read to this day.

I got quickly attached to Liberty. Not because of her personality, her parents control her so much that she can’t really show any, but because you’d have to be the same kind of monster her parents, her sister and her future husband is not to feel any sympathy towards this poor girl. And because the authors describe her feelings so well that I felt them as if they were my own.

I also really liked Oliver. Because of his attitude towards Liberty, because he always finds the right words to help her and because he follows her pace, driving her forward but never rushing her. What a shame he only is a fictional character! All girls should have a man like him.

On the contrary, I wholeheartedly hated her parents. They are selfish and heartless monsters. On behalf of doing what’s best for their daughter, they actually only serve their own interest regardless of hers. How many times does her mother tell her to “think about the family’s reputation”? It made me want to puke. Same goes for her sister and her future husband. I have no words to express the hatred and aversion I felt towards them. Only thinking about them makes me want to enter the book and choke them.

Belinda Boring is talking about an extreme case in her story. Yet I think that the message behind the words can concern each one of us. Our life is ours only; we are the only ones who can decide what we want to do with it. That’s important to always find the courage to claim who we are, what we like and what we want, even in adversity, even if it’s easier to meet people’s expectations. Fortunately I don’t have the same life as Liberty does, but I took this message for myself nevertheless. It led me to think. And I really like these kinds of books, the ones that bring you something beyond sheer enjoyment.

Shortly said, Loving Liberty is much more than just a romance. It’s a book that urges you to consider how important it is to step forward and assert yourself as the master of your own life. And if Liberty has the wrong name, so does the author because Boring, her book definitely was not.

I recommend this book to you if: You like romances and strong emotions? Don’t hesitate any longer! Although they’re different stories, on some aspects it reminded me of The sea of tranquility by Katja Millay and Me before you by Jojo Moyes so if you enjoyed these two books there’s a chance you enjoy Loving Liberty as well.




21 thoughts on “Loving Liberty by Belinda Boring

  1. Yay for massive feels! TSoT? O____________O Oooohkay, I really must try this one. TSoT is just epic! I love the sound of Oliver 🙂 So happy to hear that it tackles more issues than just someone’s love life. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Melliane! Thanks for bringing it to my attention 😉

  2. I had to do a double take because I have yet to see Melliane read Contemporary NA LOL

    I need to check out Katja’s book, I’m prejudiced when it comes to NA Lit, I should read GREAT NA books and maybe that will open my mind a bit.

  3. Ahhh, the feelings! The best ones always affects you. Damn, I’d feel suffocated the way she lives. I hate a lot of parents in YA (okay this is NA, but still the same-ish), but they sound really really awful. I’d probably get a lot angry at this one, haha. But it sounds emotional and great, so I’ll probably pick it up and give it a try. 🙂

  4. You got me at Sea of Tranquility. I love that book! And if this book made you feel emotions the same way you did SoT then I definitely have to check this book out. I don’t read a lot of NAs but I do get really excited when i hear about really good ones. Lovely review!

  5. “I think the emotions I felt were as strong as the ones I felt while reading The sea of tranquility by Katja Millay”

    SOLD. I just read TSOT and whoa, that was good. I am for sure reading this.

  6. Ah, I love it when a book surprises me and brings out all the emotions and deeper thoughts. Loving Liberty is new to me, but I’m excited to check it out some more. I can feel the emtions just from your review-awesome. So glad this was such a good read for you, Tari 🙂

  7. I’m so happy to hear that this is not yet another typical NA story. I’m sick and tired of those. I love how emotional this sounds and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Great review, Melliane 🙂

  8. This would have been a book I might have passed on until now. Oh I enjoyed Sea of Tranquility as you did so I also think I will enjoy this one as well. I don’t always like emotional books until I’m absorbed in one. 🙂 I will add this one to the wishlist.

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