False Colours by Georgette Heyer

Synopsis: Something is very wrong, and the Honourable Christopher “Kit” Fancot can sense it. Kit returns to London on leave from the diplomatic service to find that his twin brother Evelyn has disappeared and his extravagant mother’s debts have mounted alarmingly.

The Fancot family’s fortunes are riding on Evelyn’s marriage to the self-possessed Cressy Stavely, and her formidable grandmother’s approval of the match. If Evelyn fails to meet the Dowager Lady Stavely in a few days as planned, the betrothal could be off.

When the incorrigible Lady Fancot persuades her son to impersonate his twin (just for one night, she promises) the masquerade sets off a tangled sequence of events that engage Kit’s heart far more deeply than he’d ever anticipated with his brother’s fiancee who might know much more about what’s going on than she cares to reveal…

Review: Sally MacKenzie told me that Georgette Heyer was one of her favorite authors and it’s true that when I found out a new release for her books, I was immediately intrigued. I’ve only read one book by her and I liked but without being blown away I confess. I was therefore curious to see how this one would be. Yet again, I have the same feeling for this book. It’s not that it is not good, because the story is very enjoyable to read, but I expected a little more, to be carried away by the whole thing.

The Fancot family has within it two twins, two boys who look very similar but who are nevertheless very different. While Evelyn one of the brother disappears after asking the hand of a young girl from a good family, his brother, Kit, is forced to take his place time when he comes back. But pretending to be someone else is not something he likes and he hopes with all his heart that Evelyn will return quickly to change all that. The story is also complicated when he is required to meet the new bride Cressy, because Kit falls under the spell of the young woman. He does not really know then what to do, to break their wedding, develop feelings, leave the city? But whatever his wishes, nothing will happen as planned.

In addition to the story of the romance, if somewhat banal and without too many surprises, we also have the chance to meet the mother of two boys. I admit that Lady Denville is a completely wacky character. She lives in her own world without really realizing the consequences of her actions. Having spent years accumulating debt, she now realizes that some may ask for a refund, something that the lady can not do. She brings a real touch of freshness to the story, her conversations are always funny and lively. I admit that I was very curious to see how she would be able to solve her problems, as well as to learn what had finally happened to Evelyn.

To conclude, it was a good book, easy to read without being extraordinary or original. But I had a good time with the family.



26 thoughts on “False Colours by Georgette Heyer

  1. Aw, I always liked historical romances, at least if not for the swoon factor, then for the originality that they possess.

    I’m sorry to hear this one didn’t factor into one of those fun extraordinary reads you were looking for, but nonetheless I’m happy you enjoyed the rest.

    Pretty great review 🙂

  2. There’s a reader for every book, and obviously this one was more up Sally’s alley than yours. That cover does absolutely nothing for me, and overall it sounds like this story lacked a wow factor which just makes it kinda ordinary. At least you gave it a shot which is more than I’m going to do!

  3. I have to agree with Carmel 🙁 That cover doesn’t inspire any feelings of must have – I don’t need a man in a kilt on every cover…hehe…Yes I do! ..Just kidding! Really! But I do like a better looking cover that doesn’t look like is really from two eras ago..
    The story sounds interesting, but I totally understand your feeling, sometimes even good stories and well written books don’t hit us the right way to blow us away.
    Thank you Melliane 🙂

  4. Yay for switching it up! I’ve been on a multi genre read lately myself & although the last couple of books I read sucked, it still have me that much needed break from the otherworldly.

  5. I find current romance has somewhat ruined the more classic-like romance stories, with the historical feel, slower pace of events and less action somehow, or less excitement or something. It’s tougher to get excited about the “old-school” romance writing, I find. Maybe something like that happened for you as well?

    I’d want to read about Lady Denville, lol, she sounds like a riot and totally the kind of character who’d spice up stuff. I’m happy you had a good time reading it, even if it wasn’t extraordinary.

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