She (#2) by Annabel Fanning

Synopsis: Gemima and Logan are indulging in all manner of pleasurable things on the French Riviera. Relaxation, sightseeing and sex — it’s a perfect combination. Back in Paris, life hands out a few surprises, from troublesome ex-boyfriends, to changes at work, to a heartwarming best friends confession. But the lead up to Logan’s birthday brings one event that Gemima must conquer (and try her best not to say anything inappropriate which, you know, is hard for her.) She must meet Logan’s parents, and his bastard of a brother…

She Part 2 explores love, sex and a relationship unlike any other. This smart-talking duo will leave you saying, “Oh mon dieu!”

Review: Logan took Gemima where she dreamed to go (you need to read the story to know where exactly ^^) for a short holiday. It’s very nice to see them developping a friendship in addition to their love. I could not help but smile when I did not laugh 🙂

Back in Paris, Gemima realizes Logan’s birthday gift and prepares herself to meet with his family at the party. Logan has some more kinky ideas like making love on top of one of his buildings, still under construction.

Not everything is pink! They are not yet freed from the cumbersome Jerry (Gemima’s ex), and they even have their first fight.

I said all I could about the story without giving too much away! This book made me smile (really), laugh (a lot), cry (a little, I struggled !!), I was often hot, I swore aloud (and scared my cat) while cravings to hit someone. In short: a perfect mix of emotions !!

I would put 6 stars if I could 🙂 Read it !! Seriously, a beautiful romance like that, I have not read it often!




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