Goldenfire by A.F.E. Smith

Darkhaven, Book 2

Synopsis: In Darkhaven, peace doesn’t last long.

Ayla Nightshade has ruled Darkhaven for three years. With the help of Tomas Caraway, her Captain of the Helm, she has overcome her father’s legacy to find new confidence in herself and her unusual shapeshifting abilities.

Yet three years ago, a discovery was made that could have profound consequences for the Nightshade line: a weapon exists that can harm even the powerful creatures they turn into. And now, that knowledge has fallen into the wrong hands.

An assassin is coming for Ayla, and will stop at nothing to see her dead.

Review: I enjoyed the first volume of the Ayla’s adventures and it’s true that I was curious to see what happened to her after the end of the novel which put her on the throne of Darkhaven. It must be said that the end of the previous novel was not necessarily very gay, and our heroine was left with many consequences to be considered.

Three years have passed, although I confess that I have not really felt it at the beginning the novel and Ayla is always there to govern with the help of her lover, Tomas. But now, the enemies are legion, and it appears that they now know how to put the woman dowm to take her throne. With the characters we have previously discovered, such as Naeve, our heroes will learn that an assassin was sent to kill Ayla. The whole story turns on this fact and more precisely on Tomas’ investigation while following the tracks and it is true that the revelations still managed to surprise me at the end regarding the culprit.

I enjoyed the novel and I had a great time with the story as well as the investigation even if it’s true that I found some passages a little long. Yet this is not really disturbing because the dynamics of the book makes us really want to know more and to know the truth about what is happening. We also focuse on the recruits of the Helm trying to understand who is the killer between them. Thus we take pleasure in discovering the different characters, some with deep resentment toward Darkhaven and it was interesting to see how they evolved gradually.

We also go back in time a few times to understand how our characters got there. In any case, it’s nice to see Ayla, Tomas and Marlon (you will discover who he is) together and see that they finally got to create a life that suits them even if it is true that the determination of Ayla and her desire for freedom are sometimes dangerous.

A nice second volume as the first one.




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