Unhonored by Tracy Hickman & Laura Hickman

The Nightbirds, Book 2

Synopsis: Ellis Harkington is trapped in limbo between life and death, struggling to escape the domination of an evil force masquerading as her friend, Merrick. Only Ellis has ever escaped him, and now that she has discovered the truth, he wants to make sure she can never escape again.

Merrick’s dark power has turned the seaside town of Gamin, Maine, into a place of nightmares. The town is transformed into a decaying succession of infinite rooms, bottomless stairwells, and boundless corridors filled with never-ending masquerades, balls, and banquets. Each pageant is about the life Ellis lived before her return—each revelation more terrifying than the last.

Ellis is desperate to find her missing cousin and leave, but there is no exit from the House of Dreams except, perhaps, through a séance to contact the living.

Review: I liked the first volume of the series (Unwept) but it’s true that I expected maybe a little more. I was therefore really curious to immerse myself in this second part to see the further adventures of our beloved Ellis.

I confess that I let myself carried away by the story this time and I can even say that for me this volume is well above the previous one. We rediscover Ellis, in a new place and a new story. After escaping a first game, Merrick is determined to keep her prisoner this time and for this he made several acts where he is the main character. This way, he tries to remind her some souvenirs so she can agree to stay with him. Yet those memories will not have the desired effect when Jonas appears. Lost, not knowing whom to trust, Ellis is determined to escape, to understand the rules of the house and to ran away as fast as possible. Alas, for that, she must also find her cousin Jenny, who only knows how to leave and this quest will be far from simple.

I enjoyed exploring this new story, it was interesting to delve into this house that changes at will and to discover little by little the Ellis past. Nothing is easy and certain truths are not always good to learn but it allows us to understand who she is as well as all the other characters in the story. It was a different book, and I was happy to discover them. It’s easy to understand Ellis, to see her frustration, her loneliness as she doesn’t understand what is happening mainly regarding the goal of the other characters. But gradually we see her making decisions, realizing who she is and eventually gaining confidence.

It was a very good second book and I admit that I am curious to see the next one after this end as I want to discover how Ellis will act and if she finally manage to have the life she wants.




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  1. I had real problems with the first book and I really never wanted to go on with the series. That being said, I do remember the book clearly where other books leave my mind easily. So that says something. I am glad this one was better than the first for you!

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