The Librarians and the Lost Lamp by Greg Cox

The Librarians, Book 1

Synopsis: The story toggles between the past, as Flynn Carsen tries to find Aladdin’s Lamp before an ancient criminal organization known as the Forty Seals gets hold of it, and the future, when Eve Baird and a new group of Librarians — protectors of ancient artifacts like King Arthur’s sword Excalibur — stumble on a mystery in Las Vegas that seems to relate to the Lamp and the powerful djinn it can summon.

Review: When the announcement of the TV show was made I confess that I was very curious to discover it. When I learned that it was a spin off of an old show I did not know about, I preferred not to try it. This does not mean that I did not try to watch an episode, but the appeal was not there and I never tried more, I admit it. Yet this is a new format proposed here with a book based on this show and I was curious to see if I could find what I had missed.

The theme used is interesting … how not be intrigued when the main topic happens to be Aladdin’s lamp? I have never read retelling of this tale but I confess that I was curious to see how the author was going to stage it. As can be seen in the synopsis, the story is shared between present (2016) and past (2006) where the lamp was last seen. We therefore assist to the discovery of the object many years ago by Flynn Carsen and his altercations with the Forty Seals (you remember Alibaba and its forty thieves? Well yes, they still exist and hope to regain their former glory ). We thus see him launched on the track of the lamp with an archaeologist and although the adventure becomes more complicated hour by hour, they remain determined to discover all the secrets framing it. In the present, there is a group of librarians who will also face the reappearance of the lamp and although the times have changed, the Forty Seals are always present and more than determined, and our characters will have to use all the tricks to beat them at their own game.

I had a great time with the story, it was nice to follow all these characters in their adventures. The novel made me want to try again the TV show and I confess that I am curious to discover some new adventures. It was a first pleasant volume full of ideas and we can read it quickly for our greatest pleasure.



17 thoughts on “The Librarians and the Lost Lamp by Greg Cox

  1. I watched some movies on Hallmark channel called The Librarian. I wonder if the TV show is the same. This book sure seems like what I watched. I loved the movies so I’ll have to find these books.

    Enjoyed your review, Melliane!

  2. Is this the show that Noah Wiley (I think that’s his name) plays a part in? I’ve watched a few scattered episodes, but not enough to be able to keep up. Didn’t know there were books!

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