Something Real by Lexi Ryan

Reckless & Real, Book 2

Synopsis: After everything blew up on Christmas, Liz walked away from me, and I let her. She said she needed space and a chance to pursue her dreams. But we both knew she was running from the mess she made. Now the political campaign she used as an excuse to leave is bringing us back together and I’m proving to her what she really needs—not just the hot nights, greedy hands, and undeniable physical chemistry. What she really needs is something real. What she really needs…is me.

Review: I was really looking forward to seeing the adventures of Sam and Liz. It must be said that the two characters turn the one after the other, always hoping that everything will finally end up in their favor … alas, it seems that they are not destined to be together.

I was eager to see how their story would end, what the new problem of this novel would be and it must be said that there is a big one! Indeed, five months have passed since the end of the last novel and our two heroes live like a soul in pain. Trying to see how to act, a new catastrophe bursts. Indeed, a sex tape showing Sam with another young woman who would seem to be Sabrina comes out in the eyes of all. With the candidacy for the presidency of Sabrina’s mother (for which Liz works), only one solution remains possible … Sam finds himself embarking on a new story where he has to make believe a relationship with Sabrina the time of the elections. But this story will also bring Liz and Sam together, bringing them a new lot of sadness and hope.

I was impatient to find the characters and once again I was carried away by the story. We understand perfectly everyone’s feelings, their hope, their disillusionment, their desires … We hope with them that there will be a nice end to the key but nothing will be simple. I confess that I did not expect such an end in relation to Sabrina and I was surprised to see how far she could go. In any case, it was a very good conclusion to this duology, I easily connected to the characters and I remained curious until the end of the story. To discover!




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  1. This sounds like my kind of series. Why have I not read this or heard of it. I’ve been so consumed by YA that NA has taken a back bencher and I love NA. Thanks for putting this on my radar.

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