Hot Wheels and High Heels by Jane Graves

Playboys, Book 1

Synopsis: Trophy wife Darcy McDaniel has just discovered that, thanks to her embezzling husband, her posh, upper-class life is gone for good. Now she’s trading her suburban palace for a trailer park and her weekly salon appointments for a job. Darcy needs a new man–fast–one who’ll keep her in the manner she darn well deserves. Problem is, the hottest prospect around is the my-way-or-the-highway hunk who’s making off with her beloved Mercedes!

Ex-cop turned repo man John Stark is sure that hiring the furious blonde in his headlights is a colossal mistake. He knows Darcy’s high-maintenance, designer-labels-only type–after all, he’s used to taking their cars. But he never expected this hellion to have the smarts and the spunk to go from receptionist to repo agent in record time…or to drive him insane with desire. She’s the last thing this tall, dark, and dangerous loner needs…and everything he never knew he wanted.

Review: I did not realize that I had read book 2 and 3 some time ago and I admit that after reading this first volume and after discovering the characters here, I am curious to re-read the novels to see the characters evolving.

I think this series is really perfect when you want something light for a good time. And it’s true that from time to time it’s something I really like to have. Also, it was a great pleasure to read this first volume.

We discover Darcy who was a trophy woman for 14 years. But her life is going to be completely turned upside down when she comes back from her vacation to find out that her husband sold their house, emptied their bank accounts and ran away after extorting money from his boss. In short, you suspect that this is not a simple situation. In fact, she will have to adapt to a new life and another way of life and for that, she will have to use all her skills. And, well, she finds herself working for a repo man, the very one who took her car away.

I really had a very pleasant time with this novel. The pages and chapters scroll at a crazy speed and I took pleasure in discovering Darcy and seeing her evolve little by little to understand that sometimes money does not do everything. It was very touching to see this woman pass from everything to nothing and see her accept the situation, although it is with difficulty that she must review her plans downward.

As I said it is a lovely romance to have a good time!




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