Weave a Circle Round by Kari Maaren

Synopsis: Freddy wants desperately to not be noticed. She doesn’t want to be seen as different or unusual, but her step-brother Roland gets attention because he’s deaf, and her little sister Mel thinks she’s a private detective. All Freddy wants to do is navigate high school with as little trouble as possible.

Then someone moves into the house on Grosvenor Street. Two extremely odd someones.

Cuerva Lachance and Josiah aren’t . . . normal. When they move in next door, the house begins to exhibit some decidedly strange tendencies, like not obeying the laws of physics or reality. Just as Freddy thinks she’s had enough of Josiah following her around, she’s plunged into an adventure millennia in the making and discovers the truth about the new neighbors.

Review: As soon as I saw the cover and the synopsis of the book, I could only be intrigued. Yes, it is a reading that I was really looking forward to but I did not really expect that. This novel is an UFO. I do not see any other words to describe it. The feeling you feel during the reading is very surprising. I was intrigued, surprised, wondering where the story would go, I sometimes wondered if it was not rubbish. In fact I think the author has managed to make from this “rubbish novel” an original and fascinating story. Yes, this book is an UFO. If you read it, I’m sure you’ll think so! It is not possible to predict the events taking place, everything is surprising and until the end, it is very difficult to understand why everything seems to go in all directions. I seem confused is not it? It’s because I’ve been so much confused. But in this confusion, I found that Kari Maaren had an undeniable talent.

In this story we will discover Freddy, but also her little sister Mel, or Roland her half-brother. Each of these children have something special but it’s true that we focus mainly on Freddy. When Cuerva Lachance and Josiah move into the house next to their home, things change strangely, but these two characters are themselves very strange. They are doing inexplicable things that Mel and Freddy are trying to decipher. And yet, they really did not expect it to turn that way. Cuerva Lachance and Josiah are going to win them over, but they may not be the only ones responsible.

I can not say more. Everything is mysterious and the more we advance in the story and the more we wonder in what we fell but finally the answers arrive and it is as if a veil of understanding was opening. I really can not tell you more about this story. It’s an UFO. And it’s quite surprising to discover this kind of novels.



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  1. I do love stories where they are so weird and interesting that you can’t hardly write the review without spoiling the whole story (though I hate writing those reviews, LOL). This sounds really interesting. I’m adding to my TBR.

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