Say You’ll Be Mine by Maria Luis

NOLA Heart, Book 1

Synopsis: Laws of Engagement for dealing with an Ex:
Rule #1: Don’t give into temptation for a kiss just to see if they taste the same.
Rule #2: No clothing removal. Seriously, don’t take them off.

Twelve years and too many pairs of stilettos later, Shaelyn Lawrence is back where she started: New Orleans. She’s returned only to take care of her grandmother, and after that? She’s out, hopefully long before she sees irresistible Brady Taylor, the boy who stomped all over her heart. But when a family member approaches her for help, there’s only one person she can to turn to…and he’s just as infuriatingly sexy as she remembers. Oh boy.

New Orleans Detective Brady Taylor has his sights on the finish line: getting promoted to sergeant. Nothing, and no one, is getting in his way–except that he didn’t prepare for her return, the girl who left him without a word. Resisting Shaelyn has never been his strong suit, and now all he can think about is stripping her out of her f*ck-me heels and kissing the lipstick off her sassy mouth. And when she asks him for help, he’s forced to decide between his career and the woman he’s never stopped loving.

Rule #3: Don’t even think about falling in love again…

Review: I did not know the author but how to resist a romance set in New Orleans? I love this setting and I admit that I am always very intrigued! And I like “second chances” romances, it’s always nice to see two characters ending up like that.

Shaelyn did not think she would ever come home, but when her grandmother tells her she’s sick, she quickly comes back to help her. Until she understands that all this is staged so that she crosses the road of the only boy who broke her heart 12 years ago. But now, their meetings are complicated. They have rancor points against each other. They are suspicious, and do not want to fall back into the same pattern. They are scared and yet there is something too.

I liked this novel, they are both wrong but they are also touching. Brady seems to be a big guy and yet we see that he has a very present sensitivity and is afraid of being hurt again just like her. Shae is trying to run away from her past to start a new life and is very scared to become attached to someone and even more so if that person is Brady.

It was a nice novel and I had a good time with the story. I am curious to discover others of the series.

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  1. I like that this is in New Oreleans, you know what it bugging me??? This is so trivial but this the cover for An Ex for Christmas and I cant’ get that book out of my head when looking at this.

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