Dare You To Love Me by Maria Luis

NOLA Heart, Book 3

Synopsis: I dare you to find me the perfect match, she said.

Luke O’Connor has never turned down a dare. Ever. But that was before his last deployment left the charming playboy a shell of his former self. Now he just wants to be left alone – no hookups, no relationships.

Single mother and the CEO of New Orleans’ hottest lingerie boutique, Anna Bryce has it all – except that a business can’t keep her warm at night. She’s determined to find Mr. Right, but can’t fight her attraction to Mr. All Wrong, the wounded veteran who says he’s not into her.

I dare you to kiss me, she said.
I dare you to love me.

All Luke has to do is resist her dare – but for the first time in his life, he’s betting on losing.

Review: I had a very good time with the previous novels and I was very curious to finally discover Anna’s story. It must be said that we had met this character from the first volume and I have to say that it’s finally my favorite book! I loved seeing Julian, Anna and Luke!

Anna has a successful lingerie store, yet she has no one in her life but her son. It’s not that she wouldn’t like to have someone, but it’s not that simple, especially when she knows that she and her son are a package. So when she meets the recalcitrant and sexy Luke, she doesn’t know exactly where to start. She is attracted to him, and he to her, but he doesn’t want a relationship, he doesn’t want something lasting, and even less with Anna who seems to be looking for exactly that. But in addition to that, Luke also has to adapt to his new life, trying to regain his strength to heal his injured leg.

I really liked this novel a lot. It was touching to see Anna and Luke hanging around, trying to deny how they feel about each other. Anna is so eager to find someone for her and a good father for her son. As for Luke, he wants to stay calm, alone and yet Anna awakens something in him that he doesn’t understand. It was a really nice story and I loved the freshness of Julian. The author always manages to carry me away with her romances and as always I am curious to read more!

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