Harbor by Bethany-Kris

Renzo + Lucia, Book 2

Synopsis: Lucia Marcello is the good girl—or she used to be. The youngest mafia principessa of her family, she’s not the one who falls for the man from the wrong side of the tracks, and she certainly shouldn’t have run across the country with him.

She’ll leave everything behind for him …

Renzo Zulla is the bad guy—society and life labeled him that way. The only person left to take care of his siblings, he couldn’t afford the distraction of falling in love with a rich girl far beyond his league, and he definitely shouldn’t have her riding shotgun as he runs for his life.

He doesn’t want her anywhere else …

Love keeps them together.
Fear keeps them running.
Chaos follows them everywhere they go.

How long can they keep moving before someone finally catches up?

The cost of love is always high.
Never harbor it blindly.

Review: I had a good time with the first novel and I was curious to see what would happen to our two heroes!

Renzo and Lucia are on the run, but without money, with a child considered kidnapped, but also with the whole Marcello family after them, our heroes will have to face many dangers. Trying to live as they can, they will soon realize that nothing can be easy!

I had a very good time with this novel. I was very touched to see what Renzo was willing to do for Lucia, but also for Diego, his little brother. He is his number one priority, but sometimes it is not enough either. It’s also sad to see Lucia’s condition at times. Both are exciting to follow, and I must admit that after such an end, I am really curious to learn more! We also find Jordyn, Lucian, and John and it’s true that having seen an easy facet while I liked him in Andino + Haven, we see him differently here, colder, and it’s true that I’m all the more curious to read his story to see who he is exactly.

It was a good discovery anyway! And I’m looking forward to Volume 3!

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